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  1. Hi billn, sorry for late reply! Lol I wound up getting a really nice set from Warren in Australia/EBay. Kept OG’s still
  2. I’m a little late to this party, but if you still need guts for the wheels, I have a bunch NOS parts for front and rear wheels, including axles. Also NOS rubber rim liners (with OG part #’s. Moving, so HMU if any interest?
  3. Any interest in purchasing this survivor? My latest. Nice Moxie/LRV labeled as a UNIVEGA. Nice Araya rims, black high flange hubs, Tange TX-500 undrilled curved fork. I’ve got a complete correct frame decal set too (Moxie/LRV) And new KMC chain. Rides great Moving to Hawaii end of month and can’t take it with. I’m in So Cal . HMU if any interest? Offers? Thanks
  4. Meh….doubtful. Swingarm NEVER mounted. Marks on drop out are from FRAME JIG when arm was welded/manufactured
  5. For sure, its not Kawasaki. Pure 70's goodness though. Lotsa guys were cutting/welding frames back then. Reminds me of the old days. I agree with Reilly, Rick may be the guy to ask on that bike.
  6. Search Sodbuster. He has a sweet Suzuki
  7. Nice. Congrats Sod. Needless to say, cant wait to see it done
  8. There should be a 2 digit date stamped on the inner blade of one of the fork legs, usually towards the top.
  9. A couple of years ago, I worked in Saugus Ca. I used to take my lunch break under a shade tree, right off Pine St. In front of Randal Ranch, Its still there, but you cant see any track. Just years of trees, growth, etc. Same on Soledad Cyn. I ride that Hwy quite a bit on my M/C. The area is now all campgrounds, but would be cool to see then/now...