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  1. For sure, its not Kawasaki. Pure 70's goodness though. Lotsa guys were cutting/welding frames back then. Reminds me of the old days. I agree with Reilly, Rick may be the guy to ask on that bike.
  2. Search Sodbuster. He has a sweet Suzuki
  3. Nice. Congrats Sod. Needless to say, cant wait to see it done
  4. There should be a 2 digit date stamped on the inner blade of one of the fork legs, usually towards the top.
  5. A couple of years ago, I worked in Saugus Ca. I used to take my lunch break under a shade tree, right off Pine St. In front of Randal Ranch, Its still there, but you cant see any track. Just years of trees, growth, etc. Same on Soledad Cyn. I ride that Hwy quite a bit on my M/C. The area is now all campgrounds, but would be cool to see then/now...
  6. Shit, I didn't even get a courtesy "no thanks" response.... Enjoyed reading the drama though. Wow man, this hobby gets less "fun" everyday Exactly
  7. Interested in selling the '76 shorty? I don't need the Motomags, if that help$? I Have some trade stuff too... Great score!
  8. Sweet! They both look great. Just wanted to say "THANKS!" to Michael for the stickers as well.
  9. ....and there is another on ebay, a fairly rough survivor. Only $42,000
  10. Weird. I posted here last night and my post in gone? Anyways, yup, the forks dont look like Kawasaki. I lost out on Epay a steel Kawi, serial 00017, and the whole bike was spray bombed black, but looked like it was all there, incl kickstand, but no fender. I hope whoever outbid me was a member here? Good Luck w/Luckly #6, After a lot of hardwork, it will be worth it. Please post pics as it gets done?