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  1. It has been a few years since the last reply, and 10 since I posted. My son is now riding my G-boy around the neighborhood...as I wanted, but I am still very anxious every time. Glad to read the history, thank you all for posting over the years!
  2. G-boy forks (and all the other original bits that used to be on my bike)
  3. Looks Freakin Awesome! Wish mine still had the original g-boy forks.
  4. Thank you for the useful information on this bike. I have a 77 or 78 G-boy, serial 78-1368. (does this make it a 77, 78, or 79?) I bought it with my paper route money when I was around 11 or 12, so that would have been 78 or 79. It cost me 300 bucks, but was totally worth it to me. The bike was stolen, but I had the foresight to register it with the police, and they found it 6 months later. All the hardware had been replaced with garbage, so my folks got me a new set of Gold rims, cranks, seat post, brakes, and handlebars, plus a red gooseneck and tires (the bike is red) all of which are still on the bike today. I will have to check the forks to see if they are still G-boy or not. There are no stickers on them, the originals were taken off after the heist. I put some glittery stickers on the bike back in the day, and now if I try to pull them off, they peel the paint (they are on the top tube). I will take an inventory of the parts on the bike, and post them to see if they are in need of replacing with better parts. The parts are all pretty much usable, I will need to take it apart to look. Haven't done that since I was about 15 years old! I never raced it, I was just a trail rider, and it handled the load on my paper route. The frame is uncracked, just a few hitches, listed here. The major problem is that it looks like they welded or torched part of the rear frame where the crank was hitting was hitting the frame. I have heard from another site there are folks that can repair this. My question is, should I put it back together in pristine shape, or keep the original paint and finish with the slight paint peeling and welded mark on the frame? I planned on letting my Son ride this bike when he is older, but I'm not so sure now, since it is a relatively rare bike. Plus, he is only 18 months old, so I have a few years to figure out how to proceed. I asked this question on another site, and the consensus was to refurb it, of course. But how far should I go? That blue one on this site is freakin awesome, but I wouldn't want to ride it in the mud, for fear of a ding! I guess I am just fishing for some feedback on the bike, since it was my first true love. Also, how do I get my photos in the G-boy photo section? I keep getting an error saying I am not allowed to post them.