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  1. From the Mr. Columbia webpage: "Vista was a brand started by a group of bicycle dealers in the 1960's. The early bikes were made by Columbia. Later, Vista's were made in Japan."
  2. NOS Dirt Master Misfit NOS FBM Angel Of Death for scale. Misfits are small frames (18.5 inch TT).
  3. Here is something for those of us that love BMX, but realize that the bikes have their limitations. A true BMX inspired Road bike. I just ordered one of these is large, so I will keep you posted on how it rides. Here is information from the SE website: http://www.sebikes.com/bikes/bmx/frames/quad-fix-frameset
  4. That is Awesome. TOTALLY in the same vein. I LOVE the use of the DK stem on there. I had an early 80's Suntour BMX quill stem on my Ross, but this one was threadless, so i had to opt for a new stem. The Mini GT stem is working well though. Thanks you!
  5. I built this about five years ago. The base is a late 70s chrome Schwinn Super Le Tour 12.2 in the 25 inch size. The rest is a mix of Road and BMX components.
  6. A.T.O.M. Bikes components. Very rare Mid School parts.
  7. My DK stems. Not including the ones on bikes. I included three examples of DK quills.
  8. I believe them to be Mongoose stainless steel.
  9. I don't really know why I like this bike so much. Maybe because it is the Rodney Dangerfield of BMX (no respect). Never caught on in the States. The forest is my front yard. I like it quiet.
  10. This is a Japanese made, full chomoly frame and fork combination that I picked up on eBay, then built using period (mostly) Japanese parts. The original bike was used as a rolling piece of advertising back in the day, but unfortunately it got parted out. The front triangle sign is the original, and is hand painted.