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  1. Awesome decision! Glad you come to this site first. Looking forward to progress pics. I’ll say it again- that’s a damn nice Blazer
  2. Very cool! Every detail about it is just perfect. The Canoga Cycle Center was my go to shop when I lived in Reseda. It was a great shop-
  3. Incredible Blazer! I agree with previous comments. This is so cool the way it sits. Way more interesting to look at and appreciate in OG condition and decals than a refinished one. Also cool you still have it after all these years-
  4. I'd bet it's the Elks Track- The clues are in the background buildings. The pic that Red Baron posted shows the apartment complex off of Lyon street with that uniquely peaked shingled roof. Those apartments are still there. The pic of the kids doing wheelies shows the old multistory Ramada Inn off of First Street which runs perpendicular to Lyon. The building still stands, but has been abandoned for several years. The Elks still own the property, and their lodge remains, but the rest of the area is high-density apartments.
  5. http://www.bmxnews.com/2015/05/kim-johnson-1965-2015/
  6. Thanks & appreciation for the info provided so far. It would appear that the 80s stuff is pretty elusive? I'd be interested in seeing early Crupi products such as cranks and frames.
  7. Newsprint media OK? Front page of the Los Angeles Times today caught my eye. Kid looks like he's sitting on an old school bmx. Dept store bike or something special? Knobby tires and braced frame design got my attention.
  8. Was just wondering this today. Both my kids currently run Crupi cranks on their race bikes, and to me their stuff has held legit for years. The current issue of PULL magazine has a short blurb of their latest products and whats up with the company. They continue to put out excellent product and represent well at the track with talented riders. Just curious about vintage Crupi parts and design see if anyone on here had input or pics
  9. Bump for so much great info on this thread. 2010 Interview: http://www.streetchopperweb.com/bikes/renaissance-man-gary-littlejohn His famous Cinderella Cart: Also including this old ad for Littlejohn's custom tanks:
  10. Nice stuff on this thread! I've had these cranks for a while, but currently don't have a suitable build/project for them. Dated Feb/1981.