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  1. Does anyone know what size the race is for the fst forks? I have tried 3 different headset and haven't found the perfect race yet. I have two that are close but there is still a little slop I am trying to get rid of.
  2. Go for Tuffs and spend the money for the Kool Stop Pads !!!! Both of my bikes stop on a dime with Dia-Compe MX's and KOOLSTOP PADS!
  3. Top Left - Legal Action Top Center - OGK Top Right - Legal Action Middle - All skyway Tuff II's Bottom left - Skyway Tuff II Bottom Center - Skyway 6 spoke Bottom Right - Peregrine Master
  4. Yep... I am physched.. those Kool Stop thin pads are dialed.. The brakes are awesome on this thing.. Can't recommend those pads enough..
  5. My 2nd build in a month. This one was done on a tight budget. I bought the frame from a guy on The BMX Museum and begged and borrowed for parts to throw it together. 1988 GT Performer Frame, Unknown GT forks (stamped GT 4130) on bottom of both legs, One gold Super Maxy Crank Arm, One unknown Crank Arm, TufNeck Chainwheel and Seat Post Clamp, (Thanks Ron), Skyway Tuff II's, Skyway Axel Pegs, Schwinn Yo Tires, Dia-Compe MX 1000's, GT Seat Post, Mongoose Seat, ACS Stem, Unknown Bars, Redline Pedals. I didn't like the 88' Stickers so I thew some 85's on there. I will probably change some parts in time but for now I am happy with how it turned out for what I spent.
  6. I love that Kappa.. How close is the geometry to a Trickstar?
  7. Don't know what I can add to the discussion but I will share a little of my experiences the last few months... My cousin decided he wanted to build his 8 year old son an old school Freestyle bike for X-mas. He just didn't like the cookie cutter style of the new bikes. Anyway with a lot of searching on the forums and the dreaded ebay he put together a 85 Skyway Streetbeat. We were building it in my garage to hide it from his son. In the process we are now both hooked. I recently completed my 1st build in over 20 years and he is waiting for a few parts to finish his Torker. In the process of find old parts I decided to look up a lot of my old riding buddies to see if by chance they still had any bikes or parts laying around their parents garages.. I was expecting some strange responses at my request ( We are all in our late 30's and early 40's )but was suprised at how many of them thought it was a real cool idea and are actually thinking about building bikes. It made me realize how much a part of our lives riding was back then. I am now 20 years older and 75 lbs heavier but I am enjoying riding more than ever. Just can't wait for the weather to break. Figures the year I get back into it we are having one of the worst winter in recent history. Oh well another build and Spring are right around the corner
  8. Thanks guys... I wouldn't have even thought about building a bike but my cousin started building a 1985 Skyway Street Beat from the ground up a few months ago for an X-Mas Present for his son. We built it in my Garage to hide it from his son and once I started helping him I was hooked. I had to build one for myself... I tried to replicate the color scheme from my 84' Haro when I was a kid. I couldn't find 84' Stickers so the 85's will have to do.. Next up a 88' GT Performer.....
  9. 1986 Ultramax ST Styler' Frame, 1987 Haro FST Forks, Redline Flight Cranks, TufNeck Chainring, Dia-Compe MX 900 Front, Dia-Compe Mx 1000 Rear, Dk Stem, Haro Bars, Metal Flange Skyway Tuff II's
  10. 1986 Ultramax ST Styler' Frame, 1987 Haro FST Forks, Redline Flight Cranks, TuffNeck Chainring, Dia-Compe MX 900 Front, Dia-Compe MX 1000 Rear, DK Stem, Haro Bars, Metal Flange Skyway Tuff II's