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  1. Sort of just found this site although my secretary has been telling me about for awhile now. Just so happens she is married to a V.I.P. member and a long time friend of mine. So as to understand where I came into riding and racing you have to know what Sylmar was like in late 60's and early 70's. I believe I was in the first pack of crazy boyz that were not surfers or low riders. Skate boards still had steel wheels and long hair ruled. Dirt was abundant and the boys at the jr. high riding there stingrays to school wanted to ride ,race,and be like any dirt rider you could find in a mag or wide world of sports. They called it Motocross, European,Trans Am,I called it the begining of a love of two wheels. My name is Ed And I think that a few generations back me and a few crazy boys started the S.M.X.T
  2. S.M.X.T. The Y Bradley terrace Vons Jump Honda Hills Soladad Cyn Peddlers West Mort Bass, Jim Emerson Sat mornings rain or shine SLEIGH WAGONEE'S Good memories Ed Rock Pres. Sylmar Motocross Team 71' 72'