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  1. Thanks for the pics.......Now I'm even more confused Your bars look to have about an 8" rise ? and just over 26" width....... The GHP advert below has 2 dimensions: Pro: 28" Width, 8" Rise Expert: 27" Width, 7" Rise
  2. Yeah the stickers are definitely new / repop replacements but the evidence is there in the chrome protection that there were some kind of original decals in those spots. Any info glady apprecitaed thanks !
  3. Picked these up a while back - not sure what they are but look a little GT cruiser-ish ? They look like they've been cut inspecting the ends - any thoughts ?
  4. Hi folks, So.... I picked these up and the decals are clearly new replacement ones, but you can see a "protected chrome" outline from the original decal around the STAR BARS decal and pealing back the Star Products decal you can see protected chrome from some original decal agin. These protected areas are of similar size to the replacement ones. They looked a bit short and not very wide to me, however I have since seen a GHP advert (shown below) with "Expert" bars at 27" width and 7" rise which would fit these bars dimensions "if" they'd had a bit off the width - the ends do look a little rough so perhaps they were cut ? Pics of everything below - any help greatly appreciated.........
  5. Here's my 81 Team wearing OG candy and OG decals.......... And my 1980 moosegoose with OG candy and OG decals..........