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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys much apprecited.
  2. Been a while but back building again - blew the dust off some long awaited projects and put this one together to kick things back off. I'd always been in love with the 2 Team completes in the 1979/80 mongoose catalogue and did my blue candy full size team back in 2011, so I just had to do the mini in red...... 1979 Team Minigoose frame and Team forks re-candied red Araya 7c re-anodised rims with NOS Shimano casette hubs NOS Shimano Dura Ace cranks NOS MKS BM-1 pedals (hard to find these puppies) NOS Oakley 2 grips Mongoose gold stem Mongoose headset Mongoose seat clamp Minigoose alloy bars re-anodised Survivor alloy seat-post Restored Shimano Tourney brake set with NOS Shimano clips, cables, ferrules and blocks. Restored mongoose kashimax suede Team seat NOS Hwa Fong snakebelly tyres (not the most desireable but they are OG old rubber with the right tread pattern and match the ones on my full size team - goose snakes are well.... yeah) So, then...... Couldn't resist taking a few snaps of her with her big sister......... Red and blue back together as they should be....... Hope you like 'em - I'm really pleased.
  3. Thanks for the pics.......Now I'm even more confused Your bars look to have about an 8" rise ? and just over 26" width....... The GHP advert below has 2 dimensions: Pro: 28" Width, 8" Rise Expert: 27" Width, 7" Rise
  4. Yeah the stickers are definitely new / repop replacements but the evidence is there in the chrome protection that there were some kind of original decals in those spots. Any info glady apprecitaed thanks !
  5. Picked these up a while back - not sure what they are but look a little GT cruiser-ish ? They look like they've been cut inspecting the ends - any thoughts ?
  6. Hi folks, So.... I picked these up and the decals are clearly new replacement ones, but you can see a "protected chrome" outline from the original decal around the STAR BARS decal and pealing back the Star Products decal you can see protected chrome from some original decal agin. These protected areas are of similar size to the replacement ones. They looked a bit short and not very wide to me, however I have since seen a GHP advert (shown below) with "Expert" bars at 27" width and 7" rise which would fit these bars dimensions "if" they'd had a bit off the width - the ends do look a little rough so perhaps they were cut ? Pics of everything below - any help greatly appreciated.........
  7. Here's my 81 Team wearing OG candy and OG decals.......... And my 1980 moosegoose with OG candy and OG decals..........
  8. Had the frame for about 2 1/2 years now, slowly gathering the correct parts. It's pretty much factory spec - the traps aren't quite exact, should be MKS BM1s but they're BM5s and I opted for the rarer hi-rise (race inc manufactured) mongoose alloy bars over the standard rise ones since they were a catalogue option anyhows ;) So here's the spec....... February 1980 supergoose 1 frame and correct large steerer boss team forks in original finish (new decals) Araya 7c rims (re-ano'd) NOS shimano cassette hubs NOS Cheng Shin C183 knobblies Fat/Thin mongooce/race inc hi-rise alloy race bars (re-ano'd) NOS clear winner's circle grips Shimano tourney calipers n levers Alloy seat post (re-ano'd) NOS mongoose messinger seat mongoose gold stem mongoose seat clamp mongoose headset mongoose spider (original gold finish) shimano chain ring mongoose 175 chr-mo crank MKS BM5 pedals Ultra rare Gen1 BMX Products mongoose "wet look" pad set Original 79/80 catalogue piccy....... And here's my build......... And wearing her ultra rare NOS Gen1 pads.......
  9. Thanks for the comments guys @ Iboorse2 the 83 supergoose is indeed a different frame from the Cali of the same year - the supergoose has fatter rear tubes on the rear triangle like the pro-class although the supergoose is not thin wall chro-mo so it's not as light as the pro-class.
  10. Right then, latest project done Had this frame for nearly 3 years now ! I kept collecting different bits and tweaking as i went along with the build, with a final picture in mind, and I've finally achieved that picture ! Some tastey NOS bits like the NOS DX peds and NOS comp 3's etc. and some hard to find original goose bits as well - the 180mm one piece goose crank for example (right b@stard to find) and the original mongoose flight pads in decent condition are a nightmare to grab as well ! I had the pro-class rims lightly polished and clear anodised by CCA to try and achieve the original finish as close as poss rather than just polishing the living daylights out of them Full spec: 1983 USA Supergoose 3 F&F (Re-Chromed, new decals) Pro Size mongoose Pro-Class bars (mint OG chrome) mongoose Pro-Class chrome stem Tange MX3 Headset mongoose Pro-Class rims (clear ano'd) Shimano hubs NOS blue/green label comp3's 1.75/1.75 NOS shimano DX pedals mongoose 180mm pro-class one piece crank mongoose spider takagi chainring NOS Izumi chaiin NOS Kashimax Aero Shimano DX post NOS DiaCompe Hinged Clamp NOS DiaCompe MX1000 Calipers with Centering Mechanism NOS DiaCompe Tech3 Levers NOS DiaCompe Cables/Clips Genuine NOS mongoose grips (not repops) Genuine survivor mongoose flight padset (not repops) Here she is........