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  1. I've got one laced into a red Araya 7B that I think may be from Greg Grubb's FMF from the Nebraska scene in the mid '70s. Can't confirm it though. Always looking for photographic evidence to confirm/exclude.
  2. Knew I had one of these - been lost for a while. Finally found it in the bottom of a bin of random parts. Hardly ever see 'em.
  3. That seat is from a 1978 Schwinn Sneaker. I own one and the seat I have is kind of ratty. If you're going to take it off and are interested in selling or trading for it I'm interested.
  4. I bought a sealed copy of this the other day just for the cover.
  5. Took a shot at re-creating my last race bike from '81. OM Flyer with Bottema fork, Kos bars, Tuf Neck and Phil hubs. All parts are retro/new school/tribute with the exception of OG gen 1 Phil hubs. Take note of the 'does not exist in nature' brown/gold seat tube decal made to match the rest of the frame decals. Powder by C4 Labs. Sprocket and stem by Knight. Bars by Al's Rapid Transit. Fork by True Torch. Bike rides amazing.
  6. Do those not take the standard (for Schwinn) 13/16" post? Or is it the bigger (don't know what it is) Sting size?
  7. NOT a Moto Bike in my opinion. Shock mount/seat strut area looks wrong. Closest to a "B" model though with the cottered cranks and any kind of seat strut mount. Might help date it, whatever it is.
  8. Full (well, almost full - a few bikes got away) photo shoot of the bikes at the 2016 M.O.T.O.S. show at the Grands, including the Best in Show winner - the Red Line Squareback Pit Bike. http://s260.photobucket.com/user/gcrider900/library/2016%20ABA%20Grands
  9. All the bikes live in the attic full time. One bike gets rotated through my office for display in the house. I change it up in the office about once a month.
  10. Has to be my "A" model Moto-Bike. I owned one as a kid. It got set aside when I started racing and moved on to other bikes. After awhile, my dad and I decided to give it to Goodwill so another kid could use it. When I began collecting, my dad found this one and gave it to me for Christmas to replace the one I gave up as a kid. It was complete, but the frame was bent. A framebuilder friend helped me repair it, and then my dad and I did the restoration together. Special bike for many reasons.
  11. Frameset came to me in a bunch of stuff when Giant was getting rid of some leftovers - I work for them. Got 4 of them in '01. Still have one more in the box. Frame, fork, chainring, pedals, bars and stem are all OG Mosh. I built the wheels with some hubs that were production samples for a company I worked for before Giant - nice sealed units that I had laying around. Don't think they were picked up for sale here, at least by the guys I got them from. The Mavic XY rims have always been a personal favorite - I have them on my Quad 24 as well. New Redline cranks look the part and continue the Kastan connection. A-Brake was era correct and new when it went on. Paul brake lever and Thomson seat post are new, but still keep a mid-school vibe