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  1. I crown you the king of mini builds.... did you get the message I asked Steve brothers to pass on .. my mailbox is full on this site, need to sort it out before I can message
  2. That makes sense ... how close are you to finishing the build, looking forward to seeing it ..... for me ... I think its the holy grail you have ... I always loved building minis ... Score .....
  3. Astro miss the old days bro .... i'm just not about so much as I once was... collection is still intact .. you good my old friend ?? Bryce ... collection is stuck in storage so no can do right now .. ill line up my whole jmc collection one day and take decent pics, .. I have been threatening this for years. .. but one day ill do it
  4. The fork is a standard mini size, shorter head tube to fit frames with he shorter head tube, you can run full size wheels if you wanted but I always use sew ups, 20 x 1 3/8 or 20 x 1 1/8
  5. Nos early jmc bladed mini fork with solid drop out, not sure I would say rare, but I haven't seen too many of these posted around ?
  6. Got to love 24" JMC ... Rides like a dream ...
  7. Hello my old friend, how are things ?? I was passing the time today doing a little digging on the JR1 and I noticed it was now in your hands, I couldn't be more pleased that its ended up with you, if not a little jealous :-), I don't get on the sites these days, bit still have fond memories of my time here, ... so it would be improper not to say hi to all my old bros ! hope you are all doing well .. Some really interesting stuff and the fact its unique is fantastic, is well cool.. looking at the date listed for JR 1, and the first production model that went to Kelly, the dates are the same, do you think this is an error in the records as I would have thought that Justin's Dad and Jim would have been making the proto model before the first production model ? this was the only question that came to my mind, other than that I was well pleased that this piece of history and the info that supports is surfaced ... Interesting to your thoughts more importantly is it built yet, I would love to see what it looks like
  8. Sick ! I love it! It took me ages to track down my JR Mini, but got there in the end with help from Jim, then I ended up with 2 of them.. ha ha, however mine will never have the kudos of yours, the 1st and actual one raced by Justin, look after it man, that's a rare piece of history. I just found my password to this site after, I thought I had lost it, I’m glad I logged in and noticed this bike. Hello … all my bro’s out there, I still have my entire JMC collection intact an in storage  Jon
  9. I wish I could bring the fleet, but the logistics from the uk make it too difficult, i will represent in spirit.
  10. Rest in peace Vera, Jim my thoughts are with you and your family, stay strong at this difficult time, i never met or spoke to Vera but i felt like i did as you always mentioned her in your e-mails, best wishes jim, I know I can speak for most people here to say we are thinking of you and your family. Jon
  11. 17 right now 2 x jmc mm 1 x jmc mini 1 x jmc jr mini (+ a jr mini frame and forks, not counted) 1 x jmc xl 2 x jmc 3.1 xl 1 x jmc short standard 1 x jmc shadow 1 x jmc black shadow 1 x jmc standard long 1 x jmc dy 1 x jmc ap 1 x jmc cruiser 1 x jmc pit 1 x avent morpheus pro 1 x patterson :-)