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  1. Great write up as usual Ryan. Thanks for taking the time to document this history like you do!
  2. A magnet wont stick to these so that's how I came to the conclusion they were aluminum. Also, someone on the museum told me that they were aluminum DG bars. Did a quick search and found an Ebay auction for the same set listed as DG bars as well. I have no idea.
  3. Does anyone know how long DG made these aluminum box bars?
  4. They came exactly how you see them with the exception of the number plate on the DG. Just rinsed them off and that was it.
  5. Had a friend that recently picked these two fine specimens up at a garage sale and then offered them to me for a price I couldn't refuse. No background or history to go along with them, but the kid obviously had good taste. First is the DG Racer....I added the number plate... Then there's the Webco... Very cool to have both of these bikes in my collection. Up until now I haven't been able to acquire either of these brands. The bars on the DG are the aluminum DG box bars and from what I can tell, they seem to be fairly rare. If anyone has any other details or info to add, I'd appreciate it.
  6. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2014 Bring your vintage bicycles out to the Lone Star Vintage Bike show at Don Johle’s Bike World for a day of fun and nostalgia. Bike show will be from from 10am - 3pm in the parking lot of Don’s shop. Cost to enter is $5/bike and there will be trophies for the following categories...BMX Race; BMX Freestyle; BMX Cruiser; Rat Rod; Muscle Bike; Cruiser and Lowrider. Swap meet space also available for $10 a space. Call 972-240-7678 for info.
  7. I've been told by some Diamond Back "experts" that this is an 83 Pacer 500 frame that was labeled by DB as a Silver Streak. Apparently the CROMO stamping on the rear drop outs and the smaller gusset are what give it away. Regardless, I still love the thing.
  8. Picked this one up from a local antique mall this morning. Glad that the seller didn't do anything to it before hanging it in his booth. Not a DB fork, but looks like everything else is original. I guess you never know what could have been swapped out at the bike shop it was originally sold from BITD. Not sure I even want to clean it.
  9. Thanks guys! What I need to find now is a couple of black vinyl pads. I need a top bar pad (11"-12") and a handlebar pad (9").
  10. Here's how it looks with the original mags back on...well, the rear one is original, the front is from a local collector that hooked me up with a matching Tuff 1. Threw the original crank set back on...no telling if it was on the bike back in 76. It is a Takagi MX crank and a Sugino spider and chainring.
  11. You know...seeing the black paint on the end makes me think they were probably the mild steel version. I guess they were available in black and yellow from what the Redline Bikes history timeline says. I just assumed if they had the closed ends that they were the better fork. I thought that the mild steel would have come with chrome caps or something instead.
  12. About a month ago I saw this bike listed on the CL, but the location was vague and I wasn't sure how legit it was. The price was a bit higher than I could spend so I just ignored it up until Sunday night when I was looking for something else and it popped up again. I sent the seller a text message and asked if it was still available. He said that it was and then we proceeded to discuss the bike. He told me that most of the offers he had received were from out of state and he had no intentions of shipping it. I then decided to throw an offer out there and to my pleasant surprise he took it. Had Monday off of work so I boggied on down to Waco which is about 2 hours from where I live and met up with the seller. His Dad had purchased the bike for him back in 1983 at local car swap meet. He rode it quite a bit and eventually stuck it in storage. He was cleaning out and wanted to send it on to the next owner. We talked for about 30 minutes and realized we had quite a bit in common so it was a good transaction. He couldn't remember how the parts that were on the bike got there, but he does remember painting the front Skyway Tuff 1 white. I told him in 83 he was probably catching the freestyle bug and wanted to turn it into a Performer. Thankfully he didn't paint it pink. One odd thing about it is that the fork is primered gray and from what I can tell doesn't appear to be plated. He couldn't remember if it was like this when he got it or not. Apparently one of the folks interested in the bike asked him to polish out a spot on the frame so that they could see that it was possible. So here's how the bike looked when I received it yesterday... And here's how it looks now after I built it up with the parts that I had on hand. If I can track down a good black Skyway Tuff 1 front wheel I will probably take it back to the original set up.