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  1. I think I have done enough 'ultra purist' builds to allow me to mess about with this one
  2. I have had this 1990 Auburn CR20r for a while, but recently I had to replace the seat tube as it snapped near the top. So I decided to have a rethink on the colour. Now I have done so many factory/age/era correct builds that I decided to have a little fun with this one. So I went with the brightest yellow I could, which is fluorescent/Neon yellow powedercoat. In the flesh it looks like a highlighter pen. I have polished some parts to make the yellow pop even more and obviously had the Six Shooter hubs and Tech 77 lever blade powdercoated too. The rims are Araya Super 7X 36 hole and the cranks/spider are Technique 181mm, the seat is a Selle Turbo with the underside of the seat flourescent yellow too (a lucky find). I hope you all like it... I love it.
  3. My latest addition to my collection 1995 S&M Dirtbike. I had a lot of fun building this one, probably though my favourite parts are the Super Mario and Luigi valve stem caps.
  4. My 76 CR-1 doesn't have them on the dropouts.
  5. Parts list Frame: LRV Moxie Forks: Matthews Girder Bars: Aluminium Box Bars Grips: Beston Fat Grips Headset: Wald Seat: Brooks Clamp: Schwinn Rims: Wang-Ton Moped (2.125) Hubs: Sachs (coaster rear) Tyres: Raleigh Cranks: Schwinn Chainring: Schwinn Clover Leaf Pedals: Union Rat Trap Chain: Red Star heavy duty
  6. Just put this little beauty together that I have been sourcing and building for a while now.
  7. You are completely correct about that stem, it is cool, incredibly scary and really ugly all at the same time. This is the thing I love about BMX in the early years, things were tried that were stupid but they tried anyway (i.e. Slingshot, CW Phase 1, Bandito etc).
  8. Been searching and searching for a few items now, the main thing is somehow to find a set of R&R FastForks, I also had a new seat for the bike a Schwinn sprung and finally I was given a mega-rare (as this is the only one) 1" clamp on stem. The forks are beautiful and suit the bike so well, of course they do as they are R&R. They could probably do with a rechrome, but I am not going to have it done, this is how they came, even with the rough, peeling decal. As for the stem, it was made by one of my old team managers from bitd, he was a aerospace engineer before he retired and also built replacement sealed bearing hubs for Skyway mags. He built this for his daughters mini BMX and gave it to me when I bumped into him last. I hope you like the changes to the bike....
  9. Of course I will, I have changed the seat now to an early Schwinn Approved one, which suits the bike more than the one on the original pictures.
  10. I had the same problem with my R&R CR-1 but I found with a little research that some track bikes from the 60's and 70's had the same size tube. I managed to get hold of a early 70's Cinelli seat clamp which fit the bike nicely. So I would have a look at the vintage road race/track bike seat clamps. Here is mine.....
  11. The 2nd are indeed Wuler forks, they are a Taiwan manufacturer of generic bicycle equipment. They started in 1981 and are still making BMX parts. I am sure they made the forks for Redline in the late 90's/early 00's, I think they made forks for Mongoose and DB at some stage also. http://www.wuler.com.tw/php/e-pro.php
  12. +1 To add - I really like it, I'd go as far as to say its the nicest cook build I've seen in some time (even liked the chainwheel before any mention of the article) - the one thing I'd change are the pedals, I'd consider demco or reedy, just because they are more prestigious and deserving of an equally prestigious build. You are right, the next job will be to secure a set of Reedy pedals or the like, but it is a case of finding some.