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  1. I don't know what it is about a Webco, but for some reason I really like the way a well-done example looks (despite thier so-called "weaknesses"). I just think that they literally "scream" BMX!
  2. I think that they are kinda' cool... wouldn't mind having a couple; but then I guess that I'm a cretin about such things.
  3. Sorry for the belated posting and crappy camera; poor neglected and abused thing... hope it wasn't TOO bad of a trade for my old Schwinn cruiser f/f:
  4. I'm not generally a fan of cruisers, but for some unexplained reason, I really like this one. Nice.
  5. I might try cutting the pedal spindle off, then drill what's left out of the pedal boss on the crank. As for the seatpost, I'm in the same boat with my Mini-Ripper, except I have to deal with aluminum and my post was HAMMERED in (top of post is "mushroomed")... unsure as how to proceed...
  6. I'd like to take Bill's point one step further... One should only ride a perfectly "correct" os bmx on "old turf" that hasn't changed or been improved since 1980... otherwise you are NOT being "true to Old School"! Seriously. In other words, one shouldn't build a trap for oneself to be ensnared in. Word.
  7. Dude, that is really nice! Me likey! I dig Torkers.
  8. Awesome. Thanks for all of the info, guys!
  9. Johnny True Torch can handle it. He is in the Los Angeles area. With a moniker like that, I would expect his work to be top-notch, and SIGNED. "Cause I expect I'll be payin' for it!
  10. Now I'm playing "catch-up". Do you know anybody that could handle this on the West Coast?
  11. My bad... now it does. A glitch? I dunno. I'll take the blame. But yep... looks just like THAT. So what are the chances that I can get the seat mast fixed? EDIT: LOL, you replied first and everything that you say is correct... with the exception of the "dropouts". I am right here, looking at them, practically as I write this. They look like STANDARD "P.K." looptail dropouts, which makes sense to me? But then, I'm no expert... But YES! The drops are just as post #8 above! EXACTLY! So what does that mean?
  12. My bad... now it does. A glitch? I dunno. I'll take the blame.
  13. I'm interested, but the pic is too small!
  14. That certainly looks like what I have guys! Damn, your'e GOOD! It's like midnight where I am, and you guys responded almost instantly! Now, for the "fly in the ointment"... the seat mast is broken off flush with the weld at the top tube/seatstay junction... can this be repaired? Cost is no object. No doubt the result of someone whom was too heavy... On a second look, my drops look more like a "full-size"... ??? But otherwise identical. Odd.