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  1. Some reason I pasted the wrong link. Now its fixed. They state its Meticulously copied from an original Old school original JT plate using the same materials
  2. JT number plates now repooped. https://www.ebay.com/itm/JT-RACING-HARO-OLD-SCHOOL-BMX-REPLICA-NUMBER-PLATE-BLUE-YELLOW/173108146339?hash=item284e0cb0a3:g:hvcAAOSwBRFaJ876
  3. oldbuzzard


    Would Like to find a set for my Rascal
  4. Forgot I had this . Loaded with pictures and info
  5. I found my old Saber racing jersey at my moms house. Thought it was thrown away long ago.
  6. Bought the frame in this condition not shure if repainted. It does have several battle scars on it.
  7. Bought this frame from ROC. He has one of the best collections around. Glad to own it.
  8. I have a set. Cool grips hard to find.
  9. Here is one i sold this a couple years ago. I remember looking at this redline add BITD wishing I could buy the blue one.
  10. RIP Scot . Cool pic of the OM getting some air time.