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  1. My dad picked this up for me at a swap meet while he was in SoCal a few weeks back. Looks to be junior sized; haven't been able to locate a serial number yet.
  2. I was doing alright reading that one until they showed the "tent" Scot was found it. Then my heart just sank...
  3. 39x16

    GT Junior

    Damn, that is nice...
  4. All nerdy BMX collector speak aside; this is a piece of art. As a CAD drafter myself, every time a see a hand-drawn blueprint I can't help but think that I'm drafting in the wrong era. Very cool stuff...
  5. In the back of the grey and white photo, yes that would be Eddies CRX in the Pic, I think it was taken at pipeline. There are some newer pics floating around with Eddie and his CRX that are newer *think within the last few years, but this pic is from back in the day. The only other vehicle that I seem to remember is a low rider mini truck convertable with bmx bikes in the back, Freestyle most likely. I seem to remember Fiola having a camo Toyota 4x4 BITD too.
  6. Nice! I remember playing with one of those in the late '70's and thinking it was so cool. I was just getting into BMX around the same time too.
  7. Slam Bars on my 20" and Gay Bars on my cruiser. Pretty much the same as I run now only they're called Race Bars.
  8. I picked this up from the Berkely Aomeba Music a couple years ago based on the cover alone. I know nothing about the band (Have Fun) and a Google search nets me nothing.
  9. Mine must have come along later then. I remember my McManus being called the McManus 44 (I thought the 44 had something to do with the wheelbase). Nevermind, I just did a little poking around (slow day at work) and it was a 42.
  10. When I first came back to racing in the mid 90's I bought a Reynolds McManus. After realizing that it was obscenely long for a dude of my height (5'-8") I bought whatever the next size down was. For the life of me I can't remember what I did with either one of those frames.
  11. Pusher was out of Denver, CO right? I think I met a few of the guys street riding in Boulder back in the early 2000's.
  12. Points Leader probably still rides it. And J Rock raced his well into the 90's
  13. Let's revive this and talk some trash because Facebook is stupid. BMX racers only If you have thin skin - get lost If you run a track and are not Bob Gleyre - beat it If you're Craig Hooper - EAC Go!