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  1. Radical Ray - Raced at the indoor tack in Inkster Mi, Famous BMX an old furniture store. Once you left the gate there was a short straight into a wide left turn, they had the berm portion of the dirt piled way up the wall, I would blast to the top of the berm hit the edge and sky up the wall, footplant the wall and push off. Came very close to the ceiling many times..... This was when everyone used your last name to get your attention, someone said that was Radical Ray...it stuck....
  2. Great idea Thats what I do I 5th that motion
  3. if you toss me your address in pm I can send you out a ACS pro rotor 2 with cup (I will look for rest of pieces) or a white gyro off an 89, have lower cable you will need an upper, I have a through bolt also you can see if it works with your neck, I may have a front brake also....... Let me know
  4. My sons entry: 89 dyno compe, and whatever he could dig up
  5. Goals: 1) To excerise common sence and realize, I am not 18 again 2) To become efficient again at Vert 3) To see that 1 local kid a month that does not have a bike, gets one 4) Work on my spelling
  6. Here is mine.....Call Girl, Year ??, Prince Albert Cranks
  7. yeap that was up complete here in MI on craigslist, I think the complete price was 850.00 in fact........as Brian has stated....
  8. So I'm at starbucks, outside in a meeting...Along rolls this little dude on a bike so as all of us, I take a look at what he is rolling on....."Whoa little cat, come here"...He rolls on over on this: I ask him if he likes the bike, he says no its old, I offer to take him to the bike shop and purchase him something newer, he is now happy on a specialized, and Im the owner of a RL20 II...... Yes he called his parents, all was OK'd...... Frame, bars, neck, cranks og to the bike, pretty sure the forks are also.....
  9. Flatout......SWEET would there be any chance someone could obtain this from you?
  10. Opinions Please: Ok after some research it seems this bike is NOT original, nice parts but not OG... The age ol delima, build it back OG or or let the little guy build it era correct his choice of parts?
  11. Brian and Chromey could you two PLEASE elaborate a little bit: Brian "i find a nippon caliper kept a little loose" - as in loose to the fork or loose to the actual adjustment to the tire? Chromey "and the Magic Ingreedient.. almost never fails. Simple Green (generously clean the rims and pads with this)" - prior to each ride, as needed? a simple wipe clean or a scratchless pad clean? Sorry if these seem like brainless questions, but......
  12. Can we post up, start up builds or would you'all prefer finished builds?