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  1. Just perusing and seeing how you guys are. Thanks for clearing it up S.A.M. Seadooit, KIW, lboorse, 84Profile, 1966bmx.. lots of names I recognize. Party on.. and ride something old this summer I have a chrome '85 mach one that is about to get fresh chrome. Pits are not gonna make it on this one.
  2. Great to hear Andy.. very good news. I hope you get true 1:1 condition when you see it, but if not, then there may be wiggle room with the ins. company. These things aren't cheap to replace any part as you well know. Hopefully the ins. company sees it that way too.
  3. Thank you Brian. Many of us could not be there for one reason or another, so pics and footage are eagerly consumed. Probably as much so by those who were there just so that they can encapsulate and digest it. Call the weather service and tell them "mid 70's" for next year. :D
  4. trickstar, if you've taught me one thing today, it was that posts are numbered. It seems obvious, but it was not unitl I went back to post 466 that I realized that it was so. And.. it cracked me up too. Not too much JDB posting on these forums these days. When "you're in a pinch, it's better to say nothing".. just like when the cops bust ya. All one can do is give fuel for the fire. As a side note.. I had to get a $2 mil policy just to be licensed to make GT pads.... what do you have JDB, go.
  5. So, here we go finally with the flow of very nice builds... all of the collecting of the summer has paid off in spades for you. And for us since we get to view them. Thank you. But again, as with mcams thread.. I gotta find a couple nice 24's to build. Oh, the wife's gonna be pissed. :D
  6. Fine! Mike. I gotta get a bigger bike now.. ;)
  7. Very well done Jon. I love to see pics as much as most, but it's when I see a sweet C-dub that makes me all smiley inside.
  8. Does SR not stand for Sun Racing? I always thought that it did.
  9. Wow.. you know I'm a "pad" kinda guy, but I think that it's super sweet without them. It looks soo light in the pics and back in the day, all I wished for was light. Whomever did the stickers/decals for you deserves the probable large sum they charged since they are perfect from the pics, and your design take on them certainly does accent the color. Wow again.. great custom and is it officially named "Cinnamon Girl"? Thanks for the pics.
  10. Tough call on the pedals, but either way, it's a huge win. Great ride!
  11. Well executed. It certainly captures one of those pics that I wish I had. Throw on some Photoshop for some polaroid wash out and go!
  12. Wow.. great looking.. Time will tell indeed.