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  1. I'm still here.

  2. That is one fine 75'. Makes me proud to be American. I rode my 76' today with my youngest boy and a C-130 plane flew over us slow and low. At that moment I did not think my day could have been any better but seeing your 75' took it up a notch. Awesome build.
  3. Great story. I've received the same "stare of death" look from my wife when I have to buy tools to take bikes apart during our trips so it would fit in "her" car. What ever amount I paid for a bike she then doubles and expects me to buy her some shit at that value to make up for what ive done. I learned to pay when she is still in the car so the answer always "I got it for 10 bucks" Great looking bike and the seat looks in fine shape. I love the heavy gauge wheels. A steal at $10.00. Awesome.
  4. Thank you. There is a white GT stem on ebay like mine for $199.00 "but it now" but that seems a little too high. Just keep looking. They show up on there in black or white from time to time. Just try to score one with the plastic cover that the front brake cable goes through and covers the stem bolt. Most of these stems are missing that cover or you will see a white stem with a black cover instead of white on white. Good luck.
  5. Thank you. My wife wanted me to throw some pink on it but white was always my plan.
  6. Thank you very much. Some time in 88' a buddy got one of these and I remember liking it then. Now I'm loving mine 23 years later.
  7. I have taken some time off and built a new 20' X 24' garage for my Bikes and 1972 Nova but it was time to get back to some fun. I replaced alot of black parts on my GT and I think it looks better. The frame, froks, bars, stem, Gyro, sproket, and brakes are original paint and decals. New white parts are: Viscount Dominator seat GT A'ME grips VP 565 pedals white brake pads Skyway Tuff wheel II's Vancom GT tires I will have to get new axle pegs because my white GT's are 26t and the Skyway mags are 24t I guess. The Vancom GT tires keep this bike a rider for me. I can't just build one, lean it up in the corner and look at it. They were built to ride and thats what i'm going to do right now. Later guys.
  8. Good for you Richard. I lost alot of stuff in 98' due to a flood. I remember going through stacks of photos and peeling them apart with the hope that a few survived. I could make out a Skyway mag in one photo, but the other few hundred were gone. But you are right Richard, things do come back over time. We appriciate them more when they do. Good for you pal.
  9. That looks really good cleaned up. We got the same paint, forks, and wheels. I've got to get busy. Thanks very much.
  10. I couldn't agree with you more. That is exactly what i'm going to do. I'll leave the ashtabula stem on though because those things are bullet proof. Although my boys could break an anvil after they rip the horns off Satan. I'm so proud of them. Thanks.
  11. Consider it done, but I will put the mesinger seat up for safe keeping or put it on my 76' Goose. I have a black padded seat that will look fine on the Ross. Besides my 11 year old needs to experience a coaster brake like we did back then. Thanks
  12. That's what I was feeling too. Even though its kinda low end somebody should save a few of these. My guess would be that most of them were sent to the scrap yard over the years without mercy. I'll clean it up a little better, repack all the bearings, and see what happens. Man I can't believe no body has suggested that I powder coat it purple yet.
  13. Not a bad idea, my 8 and 11 year old have been eye balling it.