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  1. Alright after tons of searching I finally found 2 pics of Sovos stamped/engraved hubs. Maybe from the pic someone can help me figure out about what year model they are since thats not on them anywhere. This is what the front & rear look like(except the coned area on mine ends about 1/4" further below the spoke holes). Both 48 hole & both high flange. I only found 2 different angle pics of a front. I believe them to be sealed bearing but someone please correct me if I'm wrong. (I will get pics of my hubs as soon as possible if needed)
  2. Here is my black/chrome build. (soon adding 3-piece polished Super Maxy cranks & VP bear traps in black)
  3. I'm in the process of building a GT Pro Freestyle. It's gonna have a mixed variety of parts since it will be a dedicated rider bike. I am plannin on having a set of custom wheels built. I will be using a set of Sun Big City Lite chrome hoops with blue anodized nipples & stainless spokes. For hubs I have been looking for some blue anodized 48 hole but they are either way outta my price range of impossible to find. So I decided to get a nice set of polished hubs & have them anodized along with a few other pieces I will be sending off. I was looking thru a set of extra wheels my uncle gave me & noticed I have a matching set of Sovos 48 hole high flange hubs. I have been doin some research today on them but cannot find any pics of the same style hubs. I find them with "Sovos" either stickered or painted on in black. My set however has "Sovos" engraved in the hub, not painted. I cannot find another set like this on any bike sites, including bmx museum. Anyone ever seen or heard of these? I need to look again & I can try to get pics of them tonight to see if there are any other markings and weather they are sealed or not. I was planning on unlacing them from the current rims they are on now to clean them up & prep for anodizing.
  4. That guy is a member on vintage I believe & a friend of Cash Matthews if I remember what I read correctly, LOL. Guy definetly has out of this world skillz.