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  1. Thanks Pep this is just what I needed The Bapster :smthup:
  2. Is the CW TFM 24 mini for kids or is it just a shorter version of the 24 cruiser strong enough for us big kids? I need help. No comments I know I need help but I mean to answer my question. Thanks Bappy
  3. Jeff what are your thoughts on Powder on rims? What do you think? I also sent you one last E-mail before i send out the frame need some last minute details. Thanks Bappy
  4. Pep and the C. King know there SHIZNIT. Take what they tell you to the bank! :smthup:
  5. You need to contact Rhaney for the hutch stickers i got some from him for I think $5. Kris if you find the revcore stickers I want in. I have a kick @$$ set but the could use new stickers. I am also looking for new axles any ideas? Thanks Bappy