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  1. Just an FYI post to show some serious ET BMX Apparently one of the actual movie prop bikes is up for sale Check it out: http://www.auctionzip.com/auction-lot/E.-T.-the-Extra-terrestrial-Kuwahara-bicycle-from_FFF43709D8/
  2. SICK!!!! I'd probably lose the number plate and swap the DG pad from the webco to the DG bike. You are one lucky guy to have Garage sales like that. Congrats.
  3. Chain ring is correct. Alloy not steel were blue or red depending on wheel set when the Kos came out. I have an identical Blue KOS in similar condition. Congrats.
  4. Thanks man! Any insight on these forks? DSC_0780.JPG Look like painted (black) 1st gen mild steel
  5. Great thread. I'm going to continue supporting this site for the wealth of BMX knowledge provided by the members without drama and I hope it continues into the future.
  6. Looks like someone finished their Racers Eng. Super X. Cool. Is that the frame that was missing the head tube and gusset?
  7. Well, I finally got around to building a storage rack so most of my Geese could be in one place (a few still have to stay in the crawl and garage). Left to right: 76 1st gen Racers Inc. Super X 81 Blue Team 81 Blue Component Chrome Supergoose 79 Red Team 81 Black Special Edition Freewheel Motomag 76 Bue Restored Motomag 76 OG Orange Motomag 76 OG Nickel Motomag 81 Yellow Restored Motomag 76 OG Yellow Motomag 80 OG Gold Component Supergoose 80 OG Blue Component Supergoose 81 Red Restored Motomag 78 OG Cook Bros Front: 81 OG Kos Cruiser 80 OG Blue Moosegoose 81 OG Blue MityGoose in the corner
  8. Original 1980 Supergoose Survivor. Local Score. Complete OG bike except new Kenda tires. OG Stickers. Top bar sticker has some Black Pad residue. Araya Rims. Dia Compe Brake set. Stickered SS Bars and OG Gold Stem.
  9. Awesome.... Don't you just love it when the sellers don't use the internet?
  10. Must have been the dry Arizona climate. No rust on this frame when I got it. Just some baked on desert dust and a bit of green oxidation that polished away with some mothers.
  11. Was an ebay find from Arizona last winter with a low BIN. Had it in my crawlspace until April and just got the time to clean it up. It's as found except for the mild polishing of the OG nickel and a repaint of the rusty peeling bars.
  12. 1976 Nickel Survivor Motomag Original decal frame Ashtabula fork dated 76 Ashtabula crank and neck Original Box bars SIMI Motomags Chen Shin tires Three Arrows sprocket dated 76.7 Original Grips OG Mesinger seat, clamp and post
  13. Recent pick-up. Excellent condition OG Red Paint and decal 1979 Mongoose Team Frame Early short pre-team Mongoose top tube decal. T CE9 171915 Tange TX1200 forks dated 8B Early Unstamped Blue Tuf Neck and pad Unstamped Tuf Seat Clamp Elina saddle Araya 7x rimset with sunshine sealed hubs Shimano 600 cranks Original Mongoose Grips OG Redline Hotdog stamp 26" wide Proline V-Bars with OG pad Knobby tires IZUMI chain Shimano Tourney brakeset Red aluminum seat post
  14. eBay. 3 day auction. Poorly titled listing. 4 bids. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mongoose-BMX-Bike-Without-Rims-/370816683924?pt=US_Bicycles_Frames&hash=item5656658f94&nma=true&si=9U23kiPBVTF%252BLg4f0gIqyuXIto0%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557#ht_708wt_1399 The sticker says: Canon Iron Works Custom Ornamental iron Bicycle Sales & Service Fireplace Equipment PH 275 2951 320 Macon Service Our Specialty I'm guessing Boise area since the seller was in a suburb.
  15. In bicycle collector land it is a very desirable bicycle. It will go above 10K. Last one sold at private auction sold for over 13K + Buyers premium and tax: http://copakeauction.auctionflex.com/showlot.ap?co=9768&weid=28110&weiid=10229507&archive=n&keyword=bowden&lso=lotnumasc&pagenum=1&lang=En
  16. Awesome Oldschool Goodness!!!! Congrats.
  17. OK. Here's something you don't see everyday... CM 16355 Frame. Rick Cool at VintageMongoose says CM was possibly a stamp for Chrome Moly in early 1976. Very Nice Original Orange paint with OG decals (Cool RECO Sticker) (Super Cool Iron Works, Fireplace and Bikeshop sticker from Idaho) Anyone know what the CBM stickers were? motocross? I like them too. 1975 stamped Ashtabula forks 1975 Stamped Chrome neck Original Bars and Hunt Wilde Grips SIMI Motomags Union Rat Traps Mesinger saddle Takagi 5 1/2" chrome cranks set (T2 stamp) Three Arrows Chain ring (date stamp is worn off) OG Seat Post and Clamp
  18. The top tube by the front gusset required additional repairs and the paint was flaking off in chunks as well so I restored my Super X. Thanks Waza for the original stickers. Only 3 of these frames have surfaced so far. Entered it in a local bike show last weekend but lost to a MCS bike. Oh well. Frame and fork were found together. Racer-x mild steel frame (BMX Products catalog item in 1976-77) REDLINE Mild Steel Forks (Opposite page of BMX Products catalog in 1976-77) NOS Femco's NOS Cheng Shin Knobbys NOS Schwinn Stem, Chrome Box Bars, rat trap pedals and Crank Vintage Pads NOS Winners Circle Grips Nice early Three Arrows chain ring Mesinger Saddle
  19. Worked great. The cover doesn't have the typical edge rub or tears that most of these seats have. The pan was really rusted so I carefully stretched the cover off from the back edge of the pan and slid it off the front. The padding was stuck to the top of the rusted pan so it survived intact. I peeled it from the pan and sent the pan out for blasting and satin black powder. Cleaned up the clamp and bolt then sprayed krylon flat. When the pan was complete, I just reassembled the pad, cover and clamp. I think it was $25 and it looks almost NOS. I suppose if your seats aren't rusted bad enough for a blasting, you could wire wheel them and hit them with flat or satin krylon. I've done that before as well.
  20. Thanks for the clarification with pics. So Slimline with a mongoose sticker...not a rare pre-gold plated "gold" stem that was available before the real Gold stem was released as described in the auction.
  21. You're right. Not really going to work as a daily rider...me...my son.
  22. Hey Gary It was nice to meet and talk to you too. Had a great time.