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  1. Found this TITAN today. Anyone know how to date the frame/fork? I have the bottom bracket and OG wheels (glue on UKAIs)
  2. All Cleaned and ready to ride... Polished the frame and fork. Original crank and sprocket Added: 1st Gen Tuffs Tuff Stem Race Inc bars Mesinger Seat New chain New tires Schwinn Seat Clamp
  3. Three pieces of the webbing on the rear wheel have cracks. Anyone know if they can be repaired?
  4. Took it apart today. Forks are stamped AKISU. Should have it back together this week...
  5. Recent pick up. CD9 serial number. Tange MX 500? forks. Gold Stem. Redline stamped bars. Motomag II's with Cheng Shin knobbys.
  6. Hey Ken, XL6 11776 Only 68 frames away from yours.
  7. Here's the one I found in the original state: Unfortunately it was too far gone to rescue. Here it is today: Still only 3 of these 1st gen 1976 frames known. The forks are 76' Redline mild steel.
  8. Here's my latest OG Paint Find. Finally got some warm weather and was able to clean it. Mostly Original component 1981 Mongoose Team with OG Stickers over Blue paint. Original Gold stem and SS bars. Someone replaced the Bottom bracket and oversized Dura Ace cranks (45T). Union Rat Traps. Fairly clean Paint. Araya's with Sunshine Sealed Hubs. Not bad for an As Found classic goose.
  9. Thanks. I found some info on Sundance. They were a Chicago shop BITD that sponsored a pretty large team. They were a Patterson distributor as well so I'm guessing this was maybe a shop distributed bike or a team rider. I thought it was nice enough to take a chance and pick up.
  10. Found this today. Can someone identify the maker? I think it's a Patterson? Thanks
  11. Thanks everybody For the comments. I agree on the ss bars and gold stem. Got one of each but they're saved for an 81 Blue OG Team build that's next in line
  12. Here's my latest build. A 1979 Mongoose Motomag F/F TAKAGI CroMo Crank Mongoose Snowflake Chainwheel TANGE Bottom Bracket Schwinn Rat Traps AME Grips Chrome Mongoose Bars Polished Tuf-Neck Stem Mongoose Stamped Headset MotoMag II's Cheng Shin Tires
  13. HA HA. Funny. If the bike is a real "rare" treasure as claimed, how could so many more people have one to put repop stickers on? RARE means only a few known to exist. For example. I doubt if someone re-popped JU-6 or BMX INNOVATIONS decals, you would see a flood of JU-6 or early non S/N SE Frames show up sporting the repop decals. Then again maybe some hoarder out there has a basement full of naked rare frames waiting for the right color match and a set of "OG" decals. What's the difference there? Gimme a break.
  14. I'd guess this is pretty rare. Only other OG paint BDIII I know of is in BMX-Addicts museum.
  15. Just finished my 81 Decoster. Fresh Powdercoated Ashtabula crank , forks, stem and box bars. Polished nickel frame with Decoster decal set. Schwinn chainwheel, Schwinn rat traps and Skyway Tuff II mags. Killer ride.
  16. My 1981 KOS Cruiser Dealer built and Original down to the tubes. Low miles on this one....
  17. Hey Steve, I think we have the same vision....
  18. same here . but are you sure the red is original anyway ? looks as if it may have been black originally . so i kinda think it is up to you . AWESOME frame and fork though . Frame is original fire engine red. The black is some spraypaint that I plan on cleaning off. I like OG bikes. I just thought originally that the grind and sand would force me to refinish. I'm going to take some time this weekend and strip the black paint and see how the OG Red looks after some 3000 grit wet sanding. I'm looking for the "correct" steel rims if anyone knows of any. The bike came with a Takagi MX blackened crank set and a gold stem(pictured in the 1978 mongoose catalog) which leads me to believe the 76 frame may have been a left-over at the shop and the dealer built it as a Mongoose to get rid of it.
  19. 1st Gen is shown with this gusset in the 1976-77 catalog. Chrome with an open wedge gusset is shown in the 1978 catalog. They changed the gusset design due to the mild steel snapping at the stress point where this frame was welded. Only other complete frame I know of with this gusset is owned by Waza from vintagemongoose.com
  20. Just got this via FedEx today. 1st Generation 1976 Racer X frame with the REDLINE Black mild steel forks that appear on the opposite page of the 1976 Mongoose Catalog. Has been welded on the top bar by the gusset but I think it will grind down smooth. If it didn't have the weld, I'd probably clean it and leave it original but now I'm thinking winter full restoration project.
  21. I appreciate all of the BMX sites. Good people and information can be found on all of them. That said, I think the debate is really about the repop components. I'm a bike collector. I hate repop stuff in general because it diminishes the value of the real deal. For example, take the Schwinn Black Phantom made from 1949 to 1959. Only so many were made and not many excellent examples survived. Schwinn re-issued a replica back in the late 80's. Now the market is flooded with NOS phantom parts. Seems like everyone has a "Mint" original. Very difficult to distinguish original parts from repop. I can see that happening in the BMX hobby too. Look at all of the Fuji SE stuff on the market. Didn't Mongoose re-issue a bike a few years ago? It's the natural progression of the market. Easy to buy a new one than find a real one.... It might turn out to be a good thing since it will seperate the real collectors from the pretenders. JMO
  22. Here are 2 OS Bikes I scored last weekend from CL. Redline MXII ? Got 3 Black Skyway Tuffs with this bike. The pair are matching 1st Gen mags. Has MCS 6 bolt stem, race inc bars, mongoose snowflake, dia-comp MX brake set, ashtabula crank and fork. I think it's a 1982 but not sure since someone ground through the SN. No REDLINE Stamp. Next: 1980 Supergoose Survivor Complete with Araya rims, Pro Neck, Tuf Seat Clamp, Tourney rear brake, Stainless Steel bars and original decals. It should polish up real nice when I get the time.
  23. Steel with anno-paint. Like I said, not high-end but well worth the cash outlay.
  24. but anyways.. the seat is higher than the crossbar! Yeah, that's what happens when your son is 6' 4" and still growing...