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  1. Yeah, I'm sure they are knock-offs since they are just stamped 1000 on the back but they're decent riders. Overall, the bike has to be worth more than $30 and it still rides nice.
  2. Local CL. Guy had it for sale first for $15. I e-mailed my interest and waited. Never heard back. The next day it was still on CL but for $35. E-mailed him again and he replied that 1st one with cash after 5 pm would own it. He called me around 5:20 and said it was still available so I went and got it. I know it's a knock-off of some sort but it's a cruiser so I like it fine.
  3. Here's a 1980's cruiser I picked up yesterday for $30. Off brand Vista GTX 124 made in Taiwan but can't complain for the amount spent. Has MX 1000 brakes, HKT pedals, ACS neck and ACS clamp. Rides great! I read somewhere these were imported by Columbia. Anyone got any more Info on VISTA?
  4. 1981 Mongoose - as found. OG Blue paint and decals. Tange forks, Gold Tuff Neck, Gold Race Inc bars and Skyway Tuff I wheels. New tires and tubes. Some paint peel on the rear of the frame. Still a nice rider with some character.
  5. Here's my 1980 Team Mongoose in OG finish. The bike's peeling a bit but all original down to the Mongoose stamped Suede Kashimax seat....
  6. Thanks T2W. I don't think we met at the show. I met a bunch of BMX guys that were set up a couple spots from me. Had a great time.
  7. Yes it is. Not show winner worthy but it was fun to put some of my bikes out for display. Had my Kos Kruiser and my son's 81 Motomag out there too. That Redline winner was really something. Here's a couple of better pictures: Not complete with the build quite yet as I want a period correct neck and seat. I just got a blue addicks chainring today that I'll probably install.