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  1. Bike is yours,will get it boxed and headed your way this weekend.I changed a few components to make it a little more girly. Red pedals,chainwheel and stuff I had laying around.I will put a good word in my prayers for your daughter.hang in there.............Keven
  2. yep pm me your address and its headed your way..I will throw some pink odi grips I have laying around on it before I ship it.......Keven
  3. Free to good home only. 2010 fit park bike all original except bars and grips.Needs to be taken out for a ride at least once a week,but prefers to be riden daily.Owner has outgrown me and has moved to a new 20'',bike has several scratches ect,but rides perfect still. Send pm, as all new homes will be interviewed for proper placement..I will pay all transfer costs including shipping for the right new home.Thanks.......Keven
  4. kevenp


    Nor Cal was the shite,spent the first 37 years of my life in grass valley ABA ca12. Raced grass valley ca, my home track untill they closed it...Nothing like carving through trees with mattresses tied to them.
  5. no one piece cranks,please Doug I will find you some profiles or maybe flights..I owe you.Yoy have been a great help and I couldnt stand to see 1 piece on there...Unless you want to sell the whole bike to me ,then I could put the cranks it deserves on it my self......sweeeeet bike
  6. Thanks will have pics up tomorow..has mx 1000 brakes on it???
  7. My brother just picked up a bike.No pics yet,it has twin top tube with double gusset and the fork tubing goes from round at the bend to square in the straight part of the leg..???Stamped t on frame dropout and fork dropout..its spray bombed so cant tell if theres a serial number yet...Any ideas of make???
  8. So sad,Ive met him a few times at nationals.My son loves him.He was a very kind person and a great representative for the sport. He gave my son a hat and sighned it a few years ago..He wore that hat untill it came apart at the seems...RIP My prayer go out to your family
  9. Doug let me know how it rides,Im on the fence.hate the way my 24 rides,feeling old when I ride my 20
  10. This isnt old school but I just ordered 290 dollars worth of pink crap for my 229 dollar impact sidehack,just to dress it up for a breast cancer 5k benefit...So why not spend whatever amount you are personally comfortable with..As long as your happy and you can still pay your regular bills, why put a line in it at all...P.S. after 5k most of the pink parts will be in pay it forward. Just in case some dad wants to make a little girls bike......keven
  11. Dougs on to something,lets all chip in and buy the thing.Then post it on youtube as we cut it up into tiny pieces..each member who chipped in gets a piece of it..Im in for up to 50dollars...any takers???Lets end this drama once and for all
  12. Well i used a mongoose expert i had, with some huffy parts that came on the laserlite when i bought it...We will see how long it holds up...The problem with mild steel bikes is he destoys the forks and bars in a day or so...He has a nice bike but no way is it going in the lake.
  13. Im looking to build my son a lake jumper.he is 10 and rides very agressive.I have lots of rider condition stuff but thinking of just getting a wally mart dk or something..Whats the going opinion on taking 30 year old parts "rider condition no show stuff" and flogging the crap out of it...Im thinking 83 kuwi laser light with some blue ukia shiney sides with other misc stuff i have laying around.....My lake jumper when i was a kid was a DG something or other yard sale find that that as far as i know is still sitting at the bottem of Lions lake in grass valley..Less than hundred yards from the old ABA track.....