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  1. Peterson was highly underrated. Huge talent but never made it big. He was a class guy. Great balance!
  2. Fact is, most of you deadbeats responding in this Thread are directly or indirectly in cahoots with SE Racing. This is why you seem turned off by my simple question. But then again, maybe, most of you are just ill-mannered from never had a good whoopin from your old man when you were a cocky punk kid ass kid.
  3. Perhaps another controversial topic. I spoke with an old school amigo last week about China, and how it seems like 75% of all American goods are manufactured in China. My buddy was upset, that what he says 95% of all BMX products are now made overseas specifically in China. My question is what is the general consensus here about this subject? We spoke mostly about SE Racing and Bob Haro's former company. He says the mystique is gone now that all our famed Bikes are made with foreign hands in a land far away, in a different culture and entirely different language, where people might not know the history of BMX, SE Racing, Bob Haro, etc. US companies move manufacturing overseas where it's cheap labor and local labor forces don't complain, no labor unions and they feel lucky to have a job and food on the table. Walmart is another example. Seems like most all their stuff is made in China, but is it quality? According to Reuters, we (USA) has world's highest debt of any nation. That said, what happens when China decides to shut the door on us? I see China as a great country with hard working, family people. They epitomize health and hard working values. Comments?
  4. AWSOME PICS ! You guys made my AM !!!! Old skool rules !
  5. Lundy was a great Pro... he had big style and smooth! Welcome Mickey!
  6. Wendy, like her famous Father can produce a photograph that is out of this world. Wendy was as much a part of BMXA as her Dad and RL. However, it appears she has a middleman (vintage drag) helping and most likely taking a cut of her profits. To bad she can't handle the selling and shipping of her famous pics. Good job Wendy!
  7. Wonderful images... and nice background spray effects....
  8. Enjoy! I'd love to be there but I'll be on the Beach in Rio checking out the Popozudas!
  9. JT's comments are 100% true and yet another reason why Bob deserves full credit. BMX Plus and Super BMX were large publishing empires, and Bob was a small family operation, and Bob still was superior to BMX Plus and Super BMX for 10 consecutive years. That says a lot in my book.
  10. Yes Richard, I agree... Bob purchased Holt's little mag and ran with it. But again, Bob had a vision and he turned that magazine from a backyard little paper to the best alternative sport magazine in the world. And from 1979-1989 it's my educated guess 1 in 3 boys had a subscription to BMXA. Do the math...I can't imagine the profit margin, and Bob, his family and employees deserved it. My only beef is why did the mag fold after 10 years? Seems to me BMXA could scale down and keep going. From what I understand Los Angeles changed dramatically from the mid 70s to late 80s with influx of immigrants, traffic, smog, etc. If I'm not mistaken Bob is a native Angeleno and the city of Torrance and South Bay was becoming a rat race. I'm sure $, stress and employees were other issues too. Most importantly all those people associated with BMXA turned out to be great people; Wendy, RL, Giberson, Lew, Gork, Buff, etc...
  11. Great story bro... I, personally have nothing to gain by saying what I said about Bob Osborn. I never met him, never spoke to him. I've been around BMX and Freestyle since 1978, and in my biased opinion, if there is any one person or entity that changed a sport from nothing to an Olympic event--it's Bob Osborn.
  12. Bob's BMX images are what fueled me to buy a blue Mongoose w/red Skyways in summer of 1979. And being a one time film actor, I've seen and met a lot of photographers in my day and Bob Osborn is without question the best artistic photographer I've ever seen. Ed Freeman is a distant 2nd. I've always said this and I'll say it again...Bob Osborn did for BMX and Freestyle what Pete Rozelle did for the NFL. BMX nor Freestyle would be what it is today without the vision of Bob Osborn. Osborn was way ahead of his time with that magazine (BMXA). Classy, great writing, great riders; Bob had a great team and his photographs from a higher God. Do the research.... nobody, and I mean nobody had more spectacular photos in one magazine than BMXA-then and now. However, James Cassimus and John Ker get 2nd and 3rd place titles here. If it were not for Bob's magazine, we might never have seen the likes of Eddie Fiola, Mike Buff, RL, etc... and there were riders just as good as Fiola and Kos, Atherton, etc in Florida in the 1980s but we simply were not lucky enough to live in the area of the US where trade publications were based. I am by no way giving a discredit to Eddie Fiola because I think he is the greatest all-around freestyler ever. What I am saying is if Eddie grew up on a farm in Iowa, he may have been just another great local trick rider.
  13. hahaha, you guys are sooo funny! I have a better idea... I'll buy this PK, then I'll send it to each of you pencil necks and you can use the hole for your stick, and I'm sure it's just your size.
  14. Hey Fellas - Is this PK a 1990 model year? The hole in the bottom BB, is that for a brake caliper? Pros and cons to this year? My buddy is selling ( frame & fork )and wants about $350 bones. Comments? Thanks