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  1. They are team cycle ones, however in Australia they ran under the Rmmmm Racing mate name, Rmmmm made nothing but used Ünder Licence"other products, in this case they are Paintball & Early Moto ones, these were common in the Early 80s & were purchased from Big W.. Sorry Mick I hope you dont mind me adding to your Post...
  2. Stu we gotta go for a pedal this weekend, get some wheelies, Bunnyhopping picnic tables & zooming in on Bikini babes on the Esplanade Damn, 1st post here in a while, better change my Avatar huh?
  3. Man thats a super nice Torker Jersey Adam, you dont see too many of those any more, I just landed myself a 1981 Torker FnF with OG Vinyl Snap Pads, stoked..........
  4. +1 to all the comments & especially to hector for the tutorial. The big issue I want to add is that most US sellers are worried we will crack it when told the shipping cost, not the case, we are aware that it is more expensive & within reason wont argue it at all, only when a stem is packed into a helmet box will we question the cost You guys have the luxurious benefits of having many parts accesible to you round the clock, when we are lucky enough to find the part we want the seller will not ship it. Same country or different we all need to band together more & help each other out as a team with the same passion... Thanks again for the post, hopefully other members will come on board, the important thing to remember is that us Aussies will buy goods many in the lower 48 wont & we will pay more for it so how bad does a seller want to sell? Cheers & thanks again, your a legend......
  5. My time started in 81 for enthusiasm & 82 when I started racing but when I see your bikes Christian you slowly steer me into an unknown I wanna take, a credit to you for the opportunity to own this from Craig, I am sure im right when I say he didnt pull your name out of a hat Christian...
  6. 88-90. The graphics & the logo font spells it out.... earlier shirts would have ran the Genuine Skyway Font.
  7. Just clicked on guys. Thanks heaps for the words hey, its guys like you all that make life enjoyable & riding rewarding. Its being a part of the big 4 that I am enjoying most, the big 4 being the VintageOZSocietyMuseum website.
  8. That looks sweet, could not have put any thing else on their that would set the bike off like the plate has, thumbs up..
  9. Thats the one, that is his username on all forums... He is pushing this as a "World Wide" mag guys so what you see & read is from all round the world..He even travels personaly to the destinations in the mag for one on one's with the guys he is doing the segment on, cant beat that for exclusive....
  10. Hey mate drop me a PM & I will pass it on to Andrew so he can contact you directly, I will actually get him on here & have him join in on this topic yes... As for 70s, I can say I am sure 70s can be in the mag, I guess the editor just needs someone to contact him that has a nice 70s bike that they would love to see in their.... Ohh & im pretty sure May is the next issue release (No2)
  11. I reckon it is a sweet mag & the guy Andrew puts more pride & passion into it than anything... If it doesnt excite anyone I say let it be known what or why here on this post in hope the editor sees this, constructive criticism always makes things better. It is the 1st of its kind Internationally, lets hope it sticks around guys...
  12. That looks like it just came from the race track Michael, looks awesome mate... And to contradict myself, the gold cranks look real good...
  13. Apart from the Bars & the Cranks all the bits are NOS....
  14. These are a legit stem outta China.. Havent you guys heard of the "Hodyssey" knock offs
  15. Thanks for the words MD... That rule applies for shipping within Aus as well, anything over that usually adds more but its never bothered me cause of the amount of effort & time I put into packing a frame for a buyer anyways, the extra to re shape a box is nothing to the effort I put into the assurance that the frame will arrive the same as it leaves.. but thanks for sure, we are a good bunch & do pay reliably..