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  1. Sorry - I havent had any emails from you, I dont think. What parts are you after?
  2. Mery Xmas to all Society members, by the way - hope you all have a great holiday.
  3. Hey Broomie - nice to see you havent changed. Flexing muscles??? Lol - you make me chuckle. You know, you're always trying to throw your weight around - nobody is impressed here, believe me. I have lost count of the "I am street" comments flying about, and IF they ever had an ounce of credibility, which I doubt, they sure havent got any now. I have met Greg, and he's a thoroughly decent guy. He's also a very big guy too. He'll stamp your nonsense into place, quick time, so if I were you, I'd be very careful what you say and who you say it too. You might just find yourself writing cheques your body cant cash. Oh, and keep me out of your petty squabbles - I am a grown up, you see - if its stupid little petty disagreements you want, go somewhere else. Leave me out of it.
  4. Didnt a Redline win best 80's? I'm sure it did. Lovely build though, regardless of winner or not.
  5. Thats a Cyclepro GHP, sadly, so a comparison wont be possible. I have an 83 frameset at Chip's, if anyone knows him, has a new set and wants to compare, pls feel free.
  6. Will always be an oldschool GHP fan, but no longer a Greg Hill fan at all.
  7. Another top show by the Society guys - you sure do know how to do it. I need to get me a ticket for next year.
  8. lol - had to chuckle at that - no disrespect intended to any Canadians, its just that this Kerry guy does make me laugh.
  9. Does Voris intend to produce these in any numbers? The Changa II's only numbered 2, as I recall.
  10. My understanding is that the Big Tube was a freestyle frame - is that right?
  11. Kerry and Steve have hit the nail on the head - its so easy to go out and replicate an 80's frame exactly, just to cash in. Its being done as we speak. Voris is thinking outside the box. So you dont like the design - I bet you it stands the test of time. Voris is kinda good at doing things like that. Its almost metal art - in fact, there probably isnt an "almost" in it at all. Wish others would try something different too.
  12. You will. I "ruined" a very rare frameset earlier in my collecting. At the time, I thought I needed to do it, but now it is one of my biggest regrets. Doug Same here - done that loads. Wished I'd saved more.
  13. LMFAO! In fairness, he does. I have had him tell me not to restore something , as the condition was too good. I think race_inc is being grossly unfair there, especially as I 'd imagine he has no experience with Chip at all.