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  1. Hey Steve I need help my pictures posted upside down cans it be fixed ??
  2. 1976 champion hank & frank 1976 schwerma champion og stickers 1976 redline forks og to frame Early tuff neck og to frame AAA Rascal bars refinished Early non ribbed oury grips 1st gen araya 7b’s front and rear Carlisle aggressors F&R 1976 dated shimano front hub Bendix 76 high flange rear hub Misc. schwinn hardware headset,bottom Brkt.seat clamp,sprocket and pedals
  3. I had a fmf once I never built it. Passed it on to a friend
  4. My favorite.. I caught some clown checking it out at the society show this year
  5. Found this picture wonder if it’s related ??
  6. Joe check with JeffR on the museum he has one he recently picked up
  7. hey aaron the one listed for dan 240-250 ?? might be the one you have ??
  8. can someone update the list with mine ??? I don't know how to do that crap !!!