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  1. Just what we needed to see.... Rick taking on Mid School. We are all screwed.
  2. Yeah he does.... Lets see if the male stripper shows up this year.
  3. Recent Pick up..... I sorta like it even though I am a mid school nut
  4. Trying to buy tickets now to get out there!!!
  5. Somehow this will end up down in Missouri in the near future..
  6. At the Gonzo show, everyone thought my DirtLegz were Bottema's...
  7. Thanks Bud... It will look different this week when it has the proper seat and pedals on it... But I absolutely love it!
  8. I just scored this 76 Jr Ray this afternoon. My kids love it!!
  9. Totally worth 200..... Snag it before he find this place or one of the other's!