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  1. Super sweet find! Nice to see another one saved...
  2. Registartion complete! Really looking forward to this event this year! Been so busy, haven't seen ANYBODY since last year! See ya soon fellas!!
  3. Feelin' ya...I've been going through this a bit myself. Been on the fence about selling everything to build a car. Life has been crazy busy for me this past year though, so I'm thinking maybe I'm not really, truly burned out...just hibernating a bit to keep from feeling sorry for myself for not having the time to play with my bikes...
  4. Really looking forward to this. I'm coming in from AZ, so the location is six of one, half dozen of the other for me! -Shane
  5. Whoa!!! Can"t wait for the completed doc.!! Bravo!!! -Shane
  6. Looking forward to seeing it in June Brian! No pressure...just sayin' that it better be done and at the show! -Shane
  7. Thanks Spur. I have a few bikes laying around where I did just that. Unfortunately there was a bunch of grinding involved with these forks...probably the handy work of some poor Dad BITD who had to fix his kids bike because he couldn't afford to replace the forks when they broke. The beginners skills really shine through on this little project.
  8. I've got a slight dilema with my 77 PedalPower, hoping to get some input. The original chrome on the frame is in very decent condition, with some normal tale-tale signs of age, like some thin areas where the nickel shows through, around the holes in the gussets and what not. Here's the problem. The forks have to be re-plated because I had to have the drop-outs replaced. Someone, at some point, made homemade drop-outs and put their beginner welding skills to the test in a big gloppy sorta way. So the chrome wasn't any good on them in the first place. I'm afraid that when I get the forks re-plated they will stand out way too much when mounted to the frame. So what would you do? re-plate just the forks? or the whole enchalada so that they match? Thanks in advance for the help fellas -Shane
  9. Haha! Thanks for the pic of me and my "new" ride Brian! Love that bike! What a coincidence that I found the mono I had been looking for for years, 1 week to the day after my 40th B day, and it comes with a plate with...wait for it...the number 40! Turns out that the nickle under that spray bomb black, white then blue is actually in pretty good shape! Best B day present EVER!!
  10. I'm there Scot!! Stoked!! This is gonna be AWESOME!! BMX day in Long Beach???!!!! Finally!!! -Shane
  11. I have an 81 Stump Jumper identical to the one you saw in Germany. My Grandpa bought it brand new in 81. There were only 500 of these made according to the Specialized bio book. Unfortunately my Grandpa replaced the forks with a very early model suspension fork, and it doesn't have the Comp II's anymore either. It has the original MKS pedals, but they are silver. I also have an 82 or 83 Stump Jumper which also has the original MKS pedals. Unfortunately no Comp II's on it either though. It originally came with Sugino AT cranks, whereas the 81 came with TA cranks. Either way. Very cool bikes, and I'm glad I have them.