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  1. Never said it was a standard trans. And they did make 3 on the tree
  2. Column and inside is better looking then the out
  3. Yes 1971 Dart swinger 318ci. A very true survivor as I am the 2nd owner.
  4. So last year I got the frame,seat and bar pad from a buddy and today I topped her off with a crusty set of 7b’s with sealed Sunshine hubs. Not sure what the model name is but i gig it a lot. Any idea on the model name and year ? Thinking 78ish ? I added the other stuff from me bins of junk lol
  5. Thanks fellas, don’t think I will do much more on this one I love to dull shine on the nickel. And even shows the scars of the rust on the top if that makes sense. Going to clean the chain tomorrow with the wire brush if it’s dry slap it back on and take it down the drive way.
  6. All I have done so far is took I wheels,stem and bars, seat and post & chain off (now in oil) and used a hand full of single edge razors for the rust and don’t forget about that monkey spit soak ! And will not to bad I have to say. And I don’t need to here about other way you may have done it. But I keep it old school and love the look of it. Some bad spots on the fork legs and crank arms. And I still need to give her the once over. And repack the goods.
  7. Well she’s taking to the spit like a champ
  8. In all her musky/rusty glory hell even made my van stink lol any way I got her home aired up the tires and they still hold air. I sprayed her down with some good old monkey spit and will again tomorrow and again on Sunday then the cleaning starts haha side note with all the mongoose bikes I have owned I have never had one with a Chain guard haha. At some point some one changed the seat and post out with a 1990’s GT post and a 70’s Schwinn BMX seat.
  9. Yea the cranks on the Laguna are an issue that I am going to get to soon lol
  10. Thanks man. They both need to be dusted but that can wait till spring lol