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  1. Thanks it rides incredible for being a 20in
  2. Well she looks good and rides even better.
  3. I had the crank set in a crate waiting for a build
  4. Ok so a a little wile back I picked up this set of 36in wide Webco MX handle bars. That my brother found on a shelf at a closing motor cycle shop he’s been picking over for a wile. The frame and fork came from a guy in FB and the wheels were found on a cruiser at the curb. And let me tell ya the bars a nuts haha and it rides great. And more info on this bike I may have missed ? I know it’s made by Emory as a Webco but that’s about it.
  5. And already got the seat post out with a little over powering haha
  6. So over the weekend this box showed up at the house. From what I was told they are both 1981 and only made 8 apart from each other. And both have Tange Forks. The red one had a rack mounted with screws through the drop outs. Any more info out there and the frame ? Thanks
  7. And seat is here and she is done !
  8. 1992 Dirtbike build bump. Picked up the F/F at a local meet, wheels came from a garage sale pick up, stem is from a buddy.