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  1. Yea there is no way I could bring my self to peeling them off for some BS repop ones lol
  2. Never knew I could get one there lol guess I’m not done just yet haha thanks
  3. Well I got her out in the sun light today and all done. I see nothing on this 78 MX that would need to be changed.
  4. Me to I didn’t know how it would look. I had Looked at some of the other MX frame sets out there and most looked way better with that “simple” touch lol
  5. Thanks man. This is the 1st “simple roots” build I’ve done . And never even seen it looking like this when I got the F/F and seat clamp. I think I was over thinking a bike lol. But I am digging this rig. I can’t wait for it to be 45-50 tomorrow I might just take her for a spin around the hood.
  6. God dam it lookin at it now it wouldn’t take but about a half hour to change the seat post to clad and all the blue to black.
  7. well it’s dark out so ya get dark attic shots lol Swapped our the dura ace with stamped Ashtabula cranks , schwinn BB, a 44t Webco chainring and black rats. SIMPLE !!
  8. Thanks man thinking about putting a bad ass one piece cranks out on her with the old Schwinn bottom bracket
  9. Also has the 2 seat mast stickers. I read some place that this happened on a hand full of the frames bitd.
  10. So after looking at the MX and seeing some others out there I dropped the rear brake & swapped out the spokes to a og set of Moto 1’s I have. And man I tell ya I really like it. You know simple is sometimes better as some have said about this frame the coaster was meant for it. Any rate I dig the look and can’t wait to ride it. Going to pop a blue chain rating on it and call it done.