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  1. So far after cleaning the Cw cranks adding the forks,stem and head set
  2. Any info on the number brake down ? Is this a 83-84 Pro frame ?
  3. Well did a bit of trading today for this little honey. And yes my 1st Patterson and I can’t wait to build this gem up ! I do need some patty forks but I think I have some thing this will work for now lol
  4. Always liked the look of the hubs just never had an opportunity to own a set. And the spider well I can’t believe how light it is lol
  5. Well this is a perfect thread. I was lookin for info on the stuff and behold I find 4 pages of it !! So I Picked up the Hubs over the summer in England at the MK19 show and just won the spider on FB for $20 lol
  6. It sure did . It was Powdered at C4labs
  7. ******UPDATE***** so been a few since the last post on this. Well I had C4 labs redo the frame and fork back to og red candy and it has been one little step at at a time. Now I am not the pretty build kind of guy because I love a great Survivor however I thought this frame deserved a refreshing update. So here she is still looking for bits. I have SS spokes in route and hopefully a addicks seat clamp. I got the decals from a fellow Torker collector. Cook brothers BB for the Dura-Ace cranks. Any rate I just hope I can build this like I see it in my head lol.
  8. Tom I have a set of black box bars if wanted/needed and a black quilted seat lmk. and again looks killer
  9. Man that was me standing next to you when you got and dam !! Looks fantastic! And I still don’t know how I missed it THE TABLE NEXT TO ME !! Lol
  10. Man Tom that thing is killer ! Love the blue man and the parts .......