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  1. And seat is here and she is done !
  2. 1992 Dirtbike build bump. Picked up the F/F at a local meet, wheels came from a garage sale pick up, stem is from a buddy.
  3. So yesterday day I was driving to a job and seen a garage sale sign so I thought let’s see. Walk up and your normal crap with a splash of crappy bike parts. After talking to the guy he says I have some wheels on the side of the garage and I see this Schwinn! I say how much he tells me $10 I gave him $20. And the crazy part is I was just about to pull the trigger on a set of super 7x. Wound up harvesting the set of HO 48’s and the rear pit bull for the dirt bike. And man I love the look and after talking to my midschool buddy about the Luther smalls I’m in need of I’m hopping to have at least one good ride before it gets cold out side.
  4. So Sunday I snagged this at a local swap and man I am stocked ! Been wanting any 1in S&M frame for a wile. And I guess the early bird gets the worm lol them problem I have is I am not a mid school guy and don’t know what’s what as far a parts haha now it has Robertson pro bars,profile cranks, tnt chain wheel. I can’t wait to build it up right and ride it. Was thinking about maybe tossing a few olds hook bits on it but some of the midschool stuff is killer. Any way any ideas on the small stuff like pedals,seat,and such ? Thanks again and again can’t wait to build this sucker up.
  5. Just got this and I am stoked to get going on the build. 1992 Dirtbike the parts in it are purely for mock up only lol
  6. Well MX update LOL I did more to it today Swapped out the Motomags with some Araya model 17 laced to a set of black MX hubs also swapped the sets out a wile back with a Mathews block. I’m going to call her “Chunky” haha
  7. Well I have them now a planted on my MX Torker and man I love em !!!
  8. Spray it down with wd40 let it sit over night, then hit it with a new OOOO pad of steel wool. I have done this many times and it’s cleaner the dipping it in what ever to later a need to clean it again. LOL
  9. Ok so I have had a set of wide I forgot what the stamp says on them. One was nod I found at a swap I think last year and the other I’ve had for around 4-5 years just sitting LOL well I just got a call from my buddy that builds rims in the side. And well took a wildly since I found the 1st on me and now they will be on my hands Wednesday and then put on my rig with some dope ass OG chunky tires. I just hope they for the frame and fork LOL. Side note my buddy found the no’s Mx hub on his stash and tossed it in. I also used an older set of some heavy gauge spoke wheels for the spokes. And dam they look like they come in around 20lbs ea haha cant wait! Any idea when that came out ? Super heavy steel Araya hoops. They look like small dirt bikeish hoops
  10. Never said it was a standard trans. And they did make 3 on the tree
  11. Column and inside is better looking then the out
  12. Yes 1971 Dart swinger 318ci. A very true survivor as I am the 2nd owner.