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  1. Well last week I picked up a MXII on the FB market and well it had the front end I needed for this. Right down to the head set lol almost think the forks are Roger forks as they have small tubes ?
  2. those CBR traning wheels are real hens teeth lol
  3. Yea he just sent me more pics of that. I’ll post soon
  4. So I got a text from a buddy in NC and he picked two bike up from the curb on the way to work this morning. One is of course a Motomag with some good stuff on it. The other I have never heard of J.B. Racing looks cool but never seen or heard of one before. Any help would be great .
  5. Well the trade is done and I now own the frame. Thinking on black Tuff ones but not sure yet lol
  6. Hey y’all so last weekend wile driving to an estate sale (that had nothing) I spotted this on the side of the road. A 16 bike old school bike rack. So yesterday wile sorting my bike stuff I thought what the hell lol and brought all the guns out to the show.
  7. Any idea on year or modal of the frame ? And thanks
  8. Ok so the most of ya know I love the old stuff (mid to late 70’s) so recently I got a 1983 Supergoose from a buddy’s in laws I paid $150 for it and almost all there any rate I posted it on the FB and have a BMX buddy that made me a trade offer for it as he is in to early to misled 80’s stuff. But he has offered me this GLJ frame with redline fork and other bits for the goose. Here is the thing I have zero idea what I’m looking at like year,model. Any way I am doing the trade because I have never had the chance to own one and I have owned plenty of mongoose bike and still find them lol any way any help form you old dogs would be great and thanks. Last pic is the goose. And the best part is I don’t have to clean the thing lol
  9. Well still working on the stuck post (Clamp is loose) lol but DAM ! The chrome is insane.
  10. Need to true the Pro class wheels and clean them.