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  1. I will post more from the show when I get back in the states. But can’t forget this one. ! Even talked to Bob about the 1st Torker he rode that I am going to be building a tribute of soon 1980 LP. And if any of the fellas from the UK want to post please feel free to do so here . Cheers
  2. So last Saturday was the huge annual MK show in England that I was lucky enough to be here for. After talking to a few guys thru FB and finding out about it. Well me and the fam were only able to go to one of the 3 days of the show. So after meeting quite a few guys there I was told about a lake ride how ever the 4 of us had zero bikes and as the bmx community is strong all over Pat ,Steve,Martin and other found us some rigs to ride. I was very lucky (and Nervous) to be offered Pats 79 chrome Quad, the wife was on the one and only black and green Condor, my cousin got a 24 TA and her husband got a white PK ripper. Not to mention theses guys still ramp 83 Haro freestyle bikes candy red Trickstars and other bikes I find most people just look at. Any rate it was a blast and would love to go to another one in the future but only after I go to a Society show. Here are some of the pics.
  3. Yea I’m going to have to see what it looks like with my eyes before I do anything with it.
  4. Thanks Steve this is the set of Moro’s that are going to go on it. Going to pick the best lookin rear or of the two rears I have and rebuild it.
  5. So the wife and I are going to England tonight for 14 days to vist my dads family and luckily going to the MX2019 BMX show on Saturday(I will post pics when I’m back) any how this monster will be waiting for me at my brothers house. 1975 Graco MX1000 as seen here. Can’t wait to redo it and to top off the 54lb monster I will be taking the Tuff 1’s off and tossing on a set of Moto 1’s just to hit 65 lbs lol. I love the “ugly” look of it however I might do a complete restoration on it. Again I love the way she looks now but we will see. The stickers are very cool.
  6. Thanks guys the black one is sweet. BUTTTTT the red one I do love !! Never seen a red on before.
  7. Yea they do look good to go. And like I said I need to find a nice Mono or something from the mid 70’s
  8. So a wile back I helped out a good friend with a few bucks for a legal issue. And he pawned his 81 blue goose with me and I told him he had a year to buy it back and he did how ever wile in alcohol counseling his 50 year old counselor had sold him the black one for real cheap. He used it towards payment. The cherry was picked up from another friend. Now I tore down the black one and cleaned everything however the red one looked to never been taken apart so all I did was wipe it down. NEVER touched a bolt other then moving the bars forward a bit. I posted it on FB and had some fool try to tell me how much of a fool I was not taking it apart. However there was no need every thing on the bike is perfect down to the grease in every cup.
  9. Well started with a set of Moto 1’s then at a local show I got the other rear for $10!!!!!! I do have a set of Tuff 1’s that are toast with good guts so I will use them to fix the front and rear. Now I need to find a sweet mono shock lol
  10. Sorry for all the pics haha wait no I’m not