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  1. This was the pic that started the Tradition of buff Jesus/Bmx photos. Lol
  2. Sure ain’t. This little guy and some mineral spirits for 3 runs of heated oils just makes the crap fall off lol.
  3. Just put her up on the stand for a good cleaning and the god dam tires still hold air lol
  4. So very cool ! And the guy has made millions and still says ( earn you’re own bike ) lol
  5. As far as I know everything on this bike is original. Lol
  6. I’m working on it still a few small things I will change. Need some blue bars, a better BB and yes a better seat
  7. Thanks man. I put it next to my early “ripper” and rear end is same lol so yea the guy had the rear wheel so far back on the drop out I took out 2-1/2 links lol
  8. So just about done took 2-1/2 links out of the chain lol and wiped her down.
  9. Well I wiped down the bike and changed the ford out with some old LG and I like the look so far.