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  1. This was the pic that started the Tradition of buff Jesus/Bmx photos. Lol
  2. Sure ain’t. This little guy and some mineral spirits for 3 runs of heated oils just makes the crap fall off lol.
  3. Just put her up on the stand for a good cleaning and the god dam tires still hold air lol
  4. So very cool ! And the guy has made millions and still says ( earn you’re own bike ) lol
  5. As far as I know everything on this bike is original. Lol
  6. I’m working on it still a few small things I will change. Need some blue bars, a better BB and yes a better seat
  7. Thanks man. I put it next to my early “ripper” and rear end is same lol so yea the guy had the rear wheel so far back on the drop out I took out 2-1/2 links lol
  8. So just about done took 2-1/2 links out of the chain lol and wiped her down.
  9. Well I wiped down the bike and changed the ford out with some old LG and I like the look so far.
  10. So yesterday I was on the book and wile Scrolling through the BS I seen this posted on the race Inc page. Seen this post” local pick up only for $300” and If any of you have ever dealt with somebody on Facebook with something like this first to get comes to mind is it for real? And scam? Or here comes 1000 post I’ll pay more. Any rate I messaged him he got back to me and I picked it up. Said it was his as a child and Wanted to give it to his kids but they wanted something new so he just sold it. Front end is a bunch of crap Huffy/Murray fork,bars and headset. In the process of sorting it now I do have a set of forks gonna need some bars and I believe I have a little blue headset other than that I’m really digging this bad boy. My question however is it an RA8 mini ? There are no serial numbers on the frame with diamond drops even has the guys phone number on the bottom bracket sent him a text of it once I wiped it down and he told me he remembered doing it bitd. And the chain/rear wheel was on the very end of the drop out.