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  1. Well her she is all done up. Now I used the forks on my other Webco replica and I’m hanging on to the old Bars,stem,seat & post. The seat clamp sold for $511 so that pays for the time and gas lol any way to get back the the bike I like the way it looks all refreshed haha new to bike just about everything other then the cranks,ring and pedals and chain.
  2. I told him I owe him a few “pops” for hooking me up lol
  3. well the mails came Saturday and I got the fork stickers and he even tossed in a few larger Webco tool box stickers. And I have finished the forks. I only reason he gave them to me free it to only use them in the bike so there ya have it lol and I have a black frame pad in route (free)
  4. You know buddy’s in the game are far and few between lol
  5. My buddy I got the sprocket,Headset and mags from just told me he has a set of og silver prism fork stickers I can have. Um yea please ....
  6. Now I like most other people love a bike as found. However I had the parts to “update” my 77-78 Webco. Things I changed are the headset,forks,& mags And man I love it. The mags came from a buddy are had been painted yellow then red and one point so I cleaned and sprayed black.
  7. Cool little bike. I kind of like the sweep on the bars lol
  8. Looks like a black motomag with Ashtabula stem and yellow pads lol
  9. Just read it again and dam ! What a great read thanks for the history lesson lol
  10. Well I washed the frame and lettin her dry. Gonna build up Sunday with bits I already have. Keepin the spray overall the frame is real nice other then the chain rub. But the drop outs are real clean.