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  1. Well her she is all done up. Now I used the forks on my other Webco replica and I’m hanging on to the old Bars,stem,seat & post. The seat clamp sold for $511 so that pays for the time and gas lol any way to get back the the bike I like the way it looks all refreshed haha new to bike just about everything other then the cranks,ring and pedals and chain.
  2. I told him I owe him a few “pops” for hooking me up lol
  3. well the mails came Saturday and I got the fork stickers and he even tossed in a few larger Webco tool box stickers. And I have finished the forks. I only reason he gave them to me free it to only use them in the bike so there ya have it lol and I have a black frame pad in route (free)
  4. You know buddy’s in the game are far and few between lol
  5. My buddy I got the sprocket,Headset and mags from just told me he has a set of og silver prism fork stickers I can have. Um yea please ....
  6. Now I like most other people love a bike as found. However I had the parts to “update” my 77-78 Webco. Things I changed are the headset,forks,& mags And man I love it. The mags came from a buddy are had been painted yellow then red and one point so I cleaned and sprayed black.
  7. Cool little bike. I kind of like the sweep on the bars lol
  8. Looks like a black motomag with Ashtabula stem and yellow pads lol
  9. Just read it again and dam ! What a great read thanks for the history lesson lol
  10. Well I washed the frame and lettin her dry. Gonna build up Sunday with bits I already have. Keepin the spray overall the frame is real nice other then the chain rub. But the drop outs are real clean.
  11. So I got the bike home tore it down and cleaned the bits. The tuff neck is real minty the bars are insane lol the seat well yea sweet and then ya have the forks Webco long tubes that cleaned up super ! And last but not the least is the seat clamp after talking to a few people in FB land and my inbox filling faster then I would think I did what I think most ? People would do as I have a use but not a need for it as would love to see it on a Prodyne cruiser. I posted it on the bay for .99 start and pm’ed everyone one that wanted to look it up and have a go. Lol I will build the Webco back up but with a nice schwinn seat clamp
  12. So on I wanted to ask y’all how long or what’s the most miles you put in to pick up a bike? A few months ago this Webco piped up on the market place for trade. The guy was looking for an XL frame to ride and wanted to trade only for this 77-78 Webco so I sent him a msg about a 89-90 Elf double cross XL I won on a raffle page for $20 (2spots) I was going to build the elf but it is a bit out of my range of bikes I build and ride. (Pre 85 generally) any way I waited and seen the Webco still up for trade 2 months later and sent another msg. He told me I was the olny person that had a trade he was looking for even though he had countless cash offers on the bike, but again he wanted to trade lol any way we made a deal and the road I hit on Sunday 3 hours each way haha I got to his barn and got this. He told me the bike came from the ig owner years ago in Chicago that worked at a bike shop. Any rate I was after the bits on the bike ie Webco forks and flutes bars,& stem. Now for the mind pop I had no idea on what the seat clamp (Prodyne) was until I got back on the road. How ever at one point someone replaced the clamp bolt with a crazy 2in bolt lol.
  13. Just got this blue devil today on a Webco
  14. Yea there is no way I could bring my self to peeling them off for some BS repop ones lol
  15. Never knew I could get one there lol guess I’m not done just yet haha thanks
  16. Well I got her out in the sun light today and all done. I see nothing on this 78 MX that would need to be changed.
  17. Me to I didn’t know how it would look. I had Looked at some of the other MX frame sets out there and most looked way better with that “simple” touch lol
  18. Thanks man. This is the 1st “simple roots” build I’ve done . And never even seen it looking like this when I got the F/F and seat clamp. I think I was over thinking a bike lol. But I am digging this rig. I can’t wait for it to be 45-50 tomorrow I might just take her for a spin around the hood.