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  1. That Mono would be killer ! Dot know if I have ever seen one before.
  2. Lol I know what them look like and this clamp ain’t one of them lol
  3. And dam you dad for putting a blot thru it !!!
  4. Here is one for you guys. Still trying to figure out the maker mane DC ? It’s on the lake jumper
  5. I know a guy in Cali that was just telling me about this bitd even Zrims had a 22” out then.
  6. Sorry it’s been a minute lol here are few other shots. And now I know where the 1in aS&M bikes are haha
  7. Well other then the pedals she is together for now and let me tell ya she is a heavyweight! Now a few questions for the cats that know (because I don’t) the rear swing arm looks home madeish with some sloop worlds and the frame has been sprayed a few times as I see silver and blue under red. The triple tree looks homemade as well but again I don’t know. The crank arms are stamped 75 and what is this tension thing for the chain ? Has any else seen one or have one? The guy shipped all the dust and dirt with the bike when packed like a picnic lunch lol. Here are more and better pics of the monster. Oh the grips are both the same side haha
  8. So far after an hour of opening the “gifts” haha this is where I’m at. This frame is crazy and looks like a bit of work has been done at some point, the frame has been rattle caned same with the swing arm. The fork top tree looks home made? Not sure
  9. Boy this will be fun. I mean I’ve seen some crazy packing but come on already lol guess I’ll get to know this bike very well lol
  10. The guy told me that he put the tuffs on it to sell it, because when he got it it had no wheels. With that said I am not against leaving it as is
  11. Just picked it up from my brothers house and will build it up tomorrow. I guy packed it in 2 boxes so we’re gonna see what I’m going to have to do to put her back together lol
  12. I will post more from the show when I get back in the states. But can’t forget this one. ! Even talked to Bob about the 1st Torker he rode that I am going to be building a tribute of soon 1980 LP. And if any of the fellas from the UK want to post please feel free to do so here . Cheers
  13. So last Saturday was the huge annual MK show in England that I was lucky enough to be here for. After talking to a few guys thru FB and finding out about it. Well me and the fam were only able to go to one of the 3 days of the show. So after meeting quite a few guys there I was told about a lake ride how ever the 4 of us had zero bikes and as the bmx community is strong all over Pat ,Steve,Martin and other found us some rigs to ride. I was very lucky (and Nervous) to be offered Pats 79 chrome Quad, the wife was on the one and only black and green Condor, my cousin got a 24 TA and her husband got a white PK ripper. Not to mention theses guys still ramp 83 Haro freestyle bikes candy red Trickstars and other bikes I find most people just look at. Any rate it was a blast and would love to go to another one in the future but only after I go to a Society show. Here are some of the pics.
  14. Yea I’m going to have to see what it looks like with my eyes before I do anything with it.