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  1. Well the trade is done and I now own the frame. Thinking on black Tuff ones but not sure yet lol
  2. Hey y’all so last weekend wile driving to an estate sale (that had nothing) I spotted this on the side of the road. A 16 bike old school bike rack. So yesterday wile sorting my bike stuff I thought what the hell lol and brought all the guns out to the show.
  3. Any idea on year or modal of the frame ? And thanks
  4. Ok so the most of ya know I love the old stuff (mid to late 70’s) so recently I got a 1983 Supergoose from a buddy’s in laws I paid $150 for it and almost all there any rate I posted it on the FB and have a BMX buddy that made me a trade offer for it as he is in to early to misled 80’s stuff. But he has offered me this GLJ frame with redline fork and other bits for the goose. Here is the thing I have zero idea what I’m looking at like year,model. Any way I am doing the trade because I have never had the chance to own one and I have owned plenty of mongoose bike and still find them lol any way any help form you old dogs would be great and thanks. Last pic is the goose. And the best part is I don’t have to clean the thing lol
  5. Well still working on the stuck post (Clamp is loose) lol but DAM ! The chrome is insane.
  6. Need to true the Pro class wheels and clean them.
  7. So this happened 2 days ago. Piped up on the market place and well here she is. The get told me his mom bought him this bike when he was 14 and told him what ever part he wanted was his. Well fast forward all these years and he tossed it up and some how I wound up with it. Now I only need to clean it up and ride it!
  8. Man this is a hell of a build ! Love every look of it man when I got my frame I thought I had the only late 78 frame out there TF533 but dam ! Once again you slammed the door on the “killer” build !! Dig the red and because it’s a 78 the use of later stuff works great. Would love to see this bad boy next to mine at a show maybe next year ? And glad to see you got that “grail” bike larock again great build. I’ve been thinking about putting clean decals on my but just can’t bring myself to getting rid of the decals on it lol
  9. Well the lemon drop was out in the wild yesterday. The wife loves it and had a few heads turn wile riding past lol
  10. Didn’t like them bitd but I have grown to like the style on the right bike. The “hammerhead” is cool but the turbo looks real nice on the right bike. Any idea on this style mid 80’s ?
  11. Just finished this one. Just the typical Mongoose lol
  12. So I had a set of original finish yellow Motomag II mags with old schwinn scrambler tires on them. And because to keep my wits wile on lock down I tossed them on the whip and I kind of like it.
  13. So last year I picked up a set of Webco Mags for my build and got the Bendix are the was done for “Dan’s Mag Wheels”. Well I misplaced the arm before I was done with the mags until today I found it in a box of wheel parts and thought why not now ? So I just shaved 13g off a 30lb bike lol the one pic is what I got then.
  14. Well I have it in the attic now that it’s been let out of Quarantine in the garage lol and I forgot I have a set of yellow Motomag and almost had a thought lol frame has 18-1/2 TT and I found that I have 3 old yellow frame pads so you can fix stupid haha
  15. Yea I cut the god dam top pad wile up packing it lol well it’s not like I was going to put it back on
  16. Ok as most of the rest of you I have been sitting at home other then going out every week and a half for “supply’s” I live in Detroit, MI and getting hit hard here. Any way I’m scrolling the bay 5 days ago and see this, now the bin was crazy $2000 or best. First I thought over powered build ! But I checked the description and the seller posted his phone number to “make offer” so we connected and told him in no way I was going to pay The buy it now price, he told me to shoot him an offer to where I responded I don’t wanna be that asshole that send you a stupid offer but he said I could do is ask. He came back to me with $1100 shipped it was still a little bit out of reach for me. So the day went by and he said shoot me that stupid offer so I offered him 750 and he said deal packed up and shipped the same day at my house three days later. The story behind the bike it was given to him by his uncle’s wife to Scrap. It’s crazy that this kind of stuff is still out there. Every thing looks to be right out of the schwinn shop in the late 70’s & early 80’s. Still baffles me that he bought a DC 1020 for it lol mans the paint is unbelievable no rust a little touch up, plus the forks are very close shade of yellow. Any way wanted to share and hope everyone’s family and friends are doing good right now.
  17. When I went to the MX19 show over in England last summer I seen quite a few British bikes that I had never heard of. The Curtis frames was one of them along with some others that don’t come to mind right now. However very cool bike/build