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  1. Wow it looks real nice. I don't know if you saw mine that I posted and it is real similar. I also have black tuff I's and the original finish. My bike was just a build, nothing original. I was thinking of switching the tuff I's to spokes but I dunno. I like your chainwheel crank set up. Can you post a close up? I always wanted a set of early black Takagi cranks. They're cooler than the ashtabula's imho. Nice bike. Is the brake bridge drilled? If not, then you have a real nice one. Mine is drilled unfortunately.
  2. I just thought I would post some pictures of my bike that I have been riding a bit. I mostly only ride my new school bike, but I can ride this old school bike because of the handlebars. The guy I got them from said that he was a sponsored Redline rider and that he and his brother used to take the bars and bend them so they did not have so much backsweep and kill your wrists. Yes the bars feel totally new school which makes it so much easier to ride but you can only cruise it because of the funky geometry but that is OK with me. I posted pics of this bike before but now it is pretty much finished and since all the bearings are fresh, even the coaster brake I replaced with new guts, it rides great. The number plate is my first number plate I had from bitd from 1979. All my bikes were ripped off back then. I never ever even saw a squareback back then but this is a cool bike.
  3. I like the Skoal sticker. Powered by nicotine!
  4. wow, so it has come to this now. who would've ever imagined.
  5. I'm looking for an all original first gen Redline double clamp stem to replace the one that was snagged/parted from my squareback. I know where the original one is, and the guy said I could have it if I replace it with an equal/better condition one.
  6. this thread is hilarious. chopping up a real old school cook bros to make a cruiser. HAHAHAHA are you going to put on one of those big fat ass seats with springs? paint it neon yellow too, that's a good color
  7. there's lots of good stuff out there even the pros are afraid of those little whippersnappers lol
  8. nice color combination. is that paint or aluminum anodized? cool bike.
  9. love the vintage pic, total old-school mix: motomags, redline fork nickel, mongoose frame. your bike with red mags looks great. nice to see something other than black/silver for a change. looks more authentic old school imho.
  10. cool interview, that is so cool working with animals. I always massaged my dogs and they would freak out about it, I mean they really liked it. I thought it was wierd but they kept coming back wanting more so I always just gave in. Wow and now I see you can do it for a living? My fingers would be too tired, but man I think that is so cool and I bet the animals go ape when you get them back up and running. nothing like a good massage !!!! I sure could go for one right now.
  11. the blue one is making me droooooool.......
  12. nice motomags! love the clear blue skies
  13. I remember those copper brown Scramblers with the yellow tuff-wheels. I always liked them. Very cool. My younger brother inherited my 3636 too.
  14. Was doing massive power slides in the Winter. LOL