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  1. Those cranks look like cook's quality products not cook bros racing.
  2. I never took any of it the wrong way and was even excited that my coment got a reply. I love survivors too and if that bike was just a level up in the Kuwahara line up I would not want to see it parted either. Usually when I get that "sick" feeling on seeing a bike parted its after the fact and is like "Aww man, you parted that bike? I would have loved to have gotten it from you. I just have no desire to own a pantera but others might.
  3. Not too common thankfully but NOS "new old school" as in I just blinged my hutch with some NOS parts from porkchop's
  4. I dont take it wrong at all thats what this is for, and I do think some bikes like 70 shock bikes and Schwinn scramblers are way better left all stock even down to the reflectors and seeing one of those parted could make me a little ill too. just not a low end kuwahara but that is just my opinion and I have no connection with a bike like that but if someone got that bike for christmas though I could see it being loved and wanting to find one all stock just like it was. btw I meant no disrespect to Brian he seems to be a wealth of knoledge and a huge assett on all the forums.
  5. Here is my VDC chimp TP holder Sweet, did you part it out before you cut it up? DIBS on the vdc bars if you still have them.
  6. I guess I shouldn't make that toilet paper holder for the bathroom i was going to make out of a hutch rear triangle?
  7. No offense but you usually dont comment on anything. 3 years and only 32 posts I know, but go easy on me.
  8. I usually dont comment on these but I have a different take on that bike. Og survivor bikes to me are someones race bike that every part was picked out with a lot of thought then cherrished and raced. A bike like that has some history. somthing like that I wouldn't want to part out. A stock bike out of the box like that pantara with a parts package picked out by some japanese executive doesn't seem like a big loss to me. The first thing some kid would have wanted to do to that bike is change parts out anyway. if a bike has made it that long with all og parts it was probably never loved and if whoever had it never loved it as a kid they are probably not going to want to collect it as an adult. I collect bikes for the feeling I get when I see and touch things I used to have that ment a lot to me. I dont think that bike will be missed and if the parts from it can give some others that feeling and help recreate a bike with some sole I think it is better for everbody and the hobby of collecting BMX.
  9. Im searching for new decals, cables wil be shortened, but the bars are staying.(sorry) this is my occassional down town cruiser and will never see the track. Thanks again for the help and praise.
  10. Just found an ebay auction with the fake rims built into wheels with the decals on and listed as Arayas. Item number 160417126219 check it out.
  11. First off thanks for the complements and help. You guys made my night. I got some closer pics. I'm pretty sure the forks are not the cowboy cut but got a closer pic of that too. The seat is new but in real life the color went so well I had to use it. No offense at all about the decal. It's from a 2000 somthing bike. I got it of of ebay but I guess I have more shopping to do.
  12. I had it powdered and just got done with the build it was my long winter project.
  13. It's right in the middle on the bottom of the bb shell. I always thought it was around 81. mainly because thats what the guy I got it from thought. it has unstamped forks and looks like every other OM I have seen. are there any other distinguishing characteristics to determin year or are people just guessing when I see them being called out by year. Thanks