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  1. Eh, how long have you been on this forum? Have you had a look at some of the bikes around here? $250-$300 isn't a big deal for such an important part to correctly complete the right bike. Matter of fact it ain't shit. People spend more money than that on grips sometimes. I think the last sentence of this quote sums up the beef that everybody has with you. You know you'll find the genuine piece eventually, why would you need to make a fake? Poor personality and low lifestyle and success? I'm sorry there Queen Elizabeth, but you have as much of a clue about who you are talking to on this board as you do about preserving vintage bicycles or the practicality of a supercar. None. You don't know the first thing about anybody on this board's lifestyle or level of success. Bringing it up only shows your total lack of class. Yours is the level of class that comes with the typical counterfeiter, con artist or wannabe. And as much as I hate to say it because I'm a life long Lambo fanatic, it's also the typical level of class that comes with owners of late model Lamborghinis. You've got acceptance issues. Not one iota of the criticism you've received seems to have sunken into your thick skull. Instead you keep defending your position. Would you buy and wear a $15 Rollex watch that looks just like a Rolex? Dear Father Time. I am 34 years old and I'm one of the younger members of this board. You're not dealing with a bunch of rowdy teenagers here. You're talking with people who know their bmx shit and who've been at this a lot longer than you. You are not going to gain their respect by disrespecting them and what they believe in. Where are you from? If I guessed that English was not your first language would I be correct? Not that it matters really, but I am curious. Is that a fact? Shall I post a picture of myself (a lowly starving artist with ZERO "credentials") sitting in the first Murcielago to enter the United States before it was shown at the auto show or delivered to it's owner? Come down off the high horse you ass. OK now what color was the first Murcielago that entered the U.S.? I know a lot about that car because I drove it! you sat in one ooohh good for you, now you can tell everyone you got to touch one! I know you don't believe me but that's how I expect it. Yeah go ahead and show a picture of yourself sitting in one, go ahead and prove you got to sit in one. If you don't believe me it don't matter, there are a lot of people who know me in person that knows these fact. Everything I say can be proved but some of you bashers are not worth my time. I don't need to prove anything, for what? I only need to know myself and what I know as facts. You would not be a starving artist with zero credentials if you stop spending too much time here joining the rest of the bashers. This thread is finished for me. Talk all the sh.t you want if that makes you happy. I didn't start all the sh.t talk, the bashers did. I will only respond to people who like to share what I came here for, that was to get info on the bike and display what I have and build, that's it!. I don't want to waste any of my time on this garbage so let's end it here OK. I'm not going to argue, prove anything without a good enough reason, reply back to stupid remarks with foul language. I'm done on this thread.... good night.....
  2. OK now the moderator gets on board and jumped the gun too? when anywhere did it say I had a Murcielago? when did I even mentioned about being so low? For your info, most of the dealers won't let you even touch the car unless you have credentials.
  3. It's not that I can't get my hands on one, I'm having a hard time finding one. The plate is not home made using a router, it is laser milled. I'm going to find out the exact material, someone mentioned Delron and I've heard that name and it might be it. A smart man would try to recoup the investment of the programming and set up costs by producing in volume and liquidating the stock.The last time I saw one was on Ebay but I missed the auction due to work. I've been asking around and those who have them don't want to let them go and I can see why. Seedoit, ever heard of a Murcielago? It was too much of a hassle getting in and out plus too much of attention than I cared for. One time the battery died from not driving it for so long and due to the auto rollup when you close the door I had to pry the door hard to open it. "A smart man would try to recoup the investment of the programming and set up costs by producing in volume and liquidating the stock". Not always this works out. You may make a bad investment on your expenses and not sell as many as you have planned. I have two plates and the program I paid for so I'm satisfied with what I paid for. Original plates I've heard and seen were $250-$300 at the least. How many of you are willing to shell that out if I get my hands on brand new oem versions? Eventually I believe I will find at least one or two down the road and some of you are in need of one. The rest of the immature comments, keep entertaining yourself if that is what you believe in doing for the rest of your life. Looking at the amount of postings and hundreds of hours spent, what do you do for a living? I get enough emails from members in this group that tell me how some people are immature, go figure it's a bicycle forum. For those still in their own world of belief not knowing the truth and reality of things, take a step back, rethink how you will deal with people, because with that attitude it only reveals not only your poor personality but your low lifestyle and success. I don't expect the stubborn young ones to understand and we know who they are as they have already revealed their ignorance. So if you want to go ahead and bash me, go ahead, see if you can prove anything, so far I see nothing but a bunch of B.S. from only the bashers. I get more nice comments than those who post bad comments online. No need to by shy, speak out. We don't need ruthless people on this forum that are not respectful of others and talk a bunch of childish things like "Sock your Cuck" I'm sure this guy is feeling good like I'm one of the bashing fellas here. You feel good making that comment? what's wrong with the other site or sites? at least no one is bashing anyone there and at least more respectful. Anyway I hope some of you can reconsider taking back your bashing and at least learn the truth or something and we can start fresh on a more respectful conversation. I'm haven't taken any of the bad remarks about me with me, it's in the garbage. That's where they all belong anyway. After this and if I still see the same people bashing, I rest my case. I'm pretty sure nothing will change, prove me wrong. I'd be very surprised but would be glad to make a more contributory posting than trying to prove those of you who enjoy bashing everytime that you're wrong, and I prove it every time other wise I wouldn't be replying back. Read every posting carefully and you'll see the truth. One person jumped the gun and everyone fires away!
  4. Thanks for your interest, I will like I said will post the pictures once completed. It really is not easy as some may think to reproduce this build. The parts are not easy to come by and when they do, it's going to be very costly. I've explained this before in the past, it takes a lot of time and money, time I don't have much of so the expense is there. The Haro Master is a very nice frame build with a lot of details to make a strong frame. I like bikes with a well thought out frame build. I'm not too fond of simple bends of a build. Thus there are many freestyle bikes with a lot of time into the build like the Quadangle and Trickstar. Unbelievable how much the Hutch owners are asking for on the parts. I've seen cranks for $3K, pedals for over $3K and so on. I'm glad I found a friend from awhile back who is also on this site who also shares the same experience in the Freestyle Redlines. I like a lot of old bikes due to fond memories of them but my big involvement was freestyle back in the early to mid eighties, I remember meeting Robert Peterson of Skyway who taught me the sideway surf. Things like that and doing freestyle shows at Golden Gate Park and so on. As most people, we regret selling them and now being older, we miss them and want them back. If things go as planned, the bike should be finished in a couple weeks or less. I'm still waiting for an oversea shipment that is overdue, I hope it is not lost.
  5. OK here is the back plate, I did mention how you can't see much although it is a matte finish. I don't have the Lambo anymore, I got tired of Lambo haters and jealous people but that wasn't the reason why I sold it. I didn't drive it much as I didn't like the too much added attention. As I was in high school I've always loved exotic cars so I worked hard to make my want list to come true but realized it was too much to deal with. I don't expect you to understand that but no concern to me. I do miss the Lambo for its nice shape but I'm happy to have sold it to one who does appreciate it and not for status purpose. It was one of two in the U.S. Man this is the first time on any forum I've ever been to and got bashed for all the bad reasons. Can you do me a favor and stop posting bad comments after me. Lets leave it at that. I won't bash you, cuss at you or tell you things that are not true so stop insisting on bringing trouble. I'm done talking to you unless you make peace.
  6. could'a fooled me quote taken from BMXmuseum "Wait till you see my next RL that will be posted soon, it will be the first of its kind original to the RL ad. I've put a lot of $$$ and good time into it. I don't mess around when I have a project and money was no object to this build. It will surely be eye candy" don't go sucking your own dick yet I checked out your bikes over at the museum nothing to go gah gah over and don't put into question my involvement with BMX...I go to sleep and forget more about this shit then you'll ever know. Your fucking with all the wrong people I could give a shit about your pictures and/or your plates. You want abrasive you got it ace and where exactly did you confirm that the black plate was never made ? There are far to many anomalies in this hobby to take anything for granted Dude, what is your problem? I come to this site and the only thing you share is bad words. So you got a lot of involvement with BMX, I never questioned that but it doesn't mean anything to me if all you can say are bashing words. My bikes may not be much to gah gah over for you but that is your opinion. I like my builds and so do many others who can share the same thoughts. If this is the way you get involved with BMX I can only see a short following. Isn't it late in New Joyzeee "Your fucking with all the wrong people" You're the only one continuing all the crap talk, see what the moderator thinks about it. Speak for yourself... I believe there are people here who know won't agree with you. I did nothing wrong, never said anything untrue or any foul language like you did so how do you go along on this site trash talking. I think you only have a small following of bashers but you seem to be so committed to bash on me. Anyway I posted the pic of the back plate. I didn't do it for you as you may wish to think. I have nothing to prove to you, a common sense person can make good judgment just from reading my comments. You obviously don't read well. I've said it before, I did not come to this site to start any flames and even though some may think I did, read my comments. This posting is not for bashers like you. It was intended for people who are kind enough to share and have common sense to not make flame comments. At least I read and followed the guidelines of this site before I signed on. Shows well you don't read carefully. Hey no worries, I don't hate you even though you hate me. Can you quit the bashing so I can try to talk to those who have the same interest?
  7. Dude, you got it all wrong again! damn dude I guess your are smokin endo! pass some to me! No but for real, can't anyone read simple English! The white plate is for my other RL20II, the bike as pictured has the black plate. And yes I have confirmed the black plate is not a production but a custom one. I already have a black plate made for this build and I made it myself through a router so it is totally flat. Why would I put a white plate if I'm trying to make the build like the ad? Alright kids, I got to get home. I'll post the damn pic of the back to satisfy your curiosity. I'm new here, give me a chance will ya. Know me before you pass the wrong judgment to everyone.
  8. I couldn't agree more... you know that Damn, you guys are really hatin! This red RL is the only bike I'm building to the ad for nostalgic reasons. I own a few RL's, a couple survivors in real good shape, and one RL20II I built for a rider. Some of my bikes can be viewed at BMX Museum. I'm not at home to take a pic of the back, I'm still at work. Is it that important you need to see it now? I just explained "READ MY WORDS" I'll say it again, even if I took the picture of the back, you can't see much but just white, it is a matte finish though. I'll take the pic and post it since it means so much for you. "fuck it Trev he won't even take the time to post a stupid picture instead he'd rather choose what replies he wants to address and side step the issue at hand so I'm keeping it real. I've been doing this too long to fake the funk " If that is the way you keep it real then you need to check yourself again because you got it all wrong. "How hard is it to build a bike that is pictured in front of you ? It's like a model with a build sheet no creativity what so ever. I like bikes that express a collectors vision not duplicates someone else's idea but from what I've seen it's this guys style so whatever" Who said it was hard? it takes time and money. I used to freestyle and I have actual bike builds that suited my needs. Tell me, how long have you truly been into bikes? I have a good collection of bikes and those who have seen it would not even have mentioned any negative words like you've mentioned. Everyone who has seen my collection had not one bad comment to make because I have different builds from almost picture perfect, great survivor condition, and rider bikes. I not only was a bike mechanic but also a rider as well. " I'm sure your bike will be nice but after seeing Shinglehead's Club Homeboy RL20II and RL's personal Hazard Yellow RL20II in person everything else pales in comparison" I'm not here to compete in who has the best RL by the way, just showing for those who can appreciate a nostalgic build. If you want to see rider bikes you can see them in the BMX Museum. I just got onto this site so give me time. Everyone likes to rush but watch your comments before making judgment. Because you'll be proven wrong.
  9. Sorry for the long note, I should've paragraphed it. If it seemed like I came in roughly for some of you, I had no intention. I love the Old school bike and like the original integrity of it. It is nostalgic in many ways.
  10. The plate has a matte finish on the back which you cannot see even if I posted the picture. Like I said, a blind person can tell the difference and I've already made the detailed comment so it's not a concern. Besides these are my plates and not for sale. I talked to my machinist and he said if he made more, it would not have any Redline logo or stickers whatsoever so that should clear things up about one not knowing if they are buying a real plate. I'd be surprised to find one who didn't know the difference between a real one and a repro but regardless I wasn't here to sell repros but to share what I have for my build. I used to be a bike mechanic in the early 80's. I was a mechanic at Berkeley Cycle and Deno's Cyclery and they've been around longer than some peoples age here, I may not know too much about the early 70's although I have worked on them rebuilding Sturmey Archers and so on but I've been around bikes for quite some time so that is why I'm here, to share my experience. I'm not blowing anything out of proportion and to say it again, I'm not discouraged, what makes you feel that I am? I do like to however explain my side so it doesn't get out of proportion. So I'm new here but read my comments before making judgment on me, no one is gonna get burned by me, tell me how from my comments is anyone gonna get burned? Burned by what? fire? How many times do I have to say I did not start this topic to sell anything! but hey people have asked me for them even though I never offered any for sale and besides they cannot be sold with the logo anyway. I know about branding copyright, Please read carefully. If you have to see the back then I guess the front looks pretty close to the original but take a closer look at the logo, it's not raised. That is noticeable from the picture. The rest I have already mentioned. I never said it looked exactly like the real deal, come on, I only asked how do does it look. I do appreciate your comment and no one has to worry about getting ripped off. I am a BBB member and own my own business with perfect record. And no I'm not in business to sell replicas! My business consist of automobile customization and product development. I personally like real items, in fact everything I own or owned is authentic from the Rolex the Ferrari to the Lambo except for this damn plate but till I find someone to sell me a mint one, this will do. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a real plate. My bike by the way is nothing like my plate, everything is authentic to the era except the BB decal and plate. They didn't make a black Redline plate for production so that is the only excusable non factory part but then again the one in the picture in the ad is not real either. Anyway let's move on and I hope this clears everything out of the way "THIS PICTURE I POSTED IS NOT THE REAL PLATE! IT IS A REPLICA MADE FOR ONLY ME!, NOT FOR SALE!" I hope you like it! if not no problem, I like real but it was fun having these made and my other RL was crying for one for a temp. As much of a critique as I am, these do look very nice! Anyway when I post a pic of my build, I'm only sharing my experience on it, no I'm not going to post it and tell everyone and say "hey the bike I have is the one in the picture!" ha ha. NO. I hope to meet some of you in person at an event so you truly know who I am and not misjudge who you think I came here for. I enjoy my hobbies and won't let anyone spoil it for me. Peace.
  11. Perhaps you need to read more carefully before you started writing. I asked how anyone think it looked, I didn't expect some people to insult what I had made for me. Instead why not say "well there are these differences" or "they don't look as good as the original" or something that is more to what I had asked for. I can handle criticism, it's what makes room for improvement, what I don't like about certain people is their immaturity. Like I said, read carefully.... You can laugh all you want if you think it's funny but those who can read my simple sentences can't see anything funny about it. Trust me, I don't get offended, everyone who knows me can tell you why. I'm not here to talk about any off topics, I'm here to share my build to those who share the same interest, if you don't have anything to offer but to tell me what you THINK I feel, you're wasting your time. I'm not here to start any problems, I'm only here to share info, talk to those who have the same thoughts on the same type of build. I didn't expect to hear "Enjoy your fake plate". You didn't hear me talking trash to anyone, I'm nowhere near offended but come on, why this type of talk? I would never ever talk to anyone that way for any reason that is not called for. OK I'm sorry I made this posting, my mistake, next time I'll think about how there will be some immature people that will be making non contributing comments. I know there are a lot of people who enjoy seeing people getting bashed, I've seen it many times before, yeah it is entertainment but I don't have time to get involved with that. If anyone wants to talk about what I thought this forum was for and what I came on for, then I'm all ears, I'm not here for any non contributing comments, simple as that. Thanks for your consideration.....
  12. WOW! what a find! I hear people finding bikes and parts where they wouldn't expect to find them. About the chroming process, since the chroming laws changed you can tell the difference in the chrome. The past chroming process had more of that bright chrome look, hard to describe, the people who do chrome says it had more of a blue look but I didn't see that. The newer process looked more between nickel and chrome and I think that is the cosmic chrome you're talking about?
  13. Appreciate your explanation. I did explain the difference from the start so I never had any intention to try to fool anyone that this is the real deal, I only wanted to show what I had made for me and see how everyone liked it. I talked to my machinist when I was having them made and he told me he is only doing this for me with the logo and if he made anymore it won't have the logo in the middle. They take a lot of machine time so that is why I only asked for only what I needed for myself. In fact if anyone wanted one it would not have any Redline logo or sticker on it. You would have to put it on yourself. If anyone still can't tell the difference, well that is not my fault if one can't tell there is no Redline logo on it. It's like buying a Shimano DX pedal and there is no Shimano logo but we know the difference, and those who don't most likely don't care anyway. If we were trying to buy the real thing we would already know what the real deal looks like or even ask, common sense. I know about selling laws as a multiple business owner of our own products. I'm just here to share my hobby and I'm sure there will be many who would enjoy what I have to share. With very little time I have I do spend the time for those who share the same interest. For those who don't they can keep it to themselves and not be hostile about it. Mentioning how I got fed up with waiting for someone to sell a plate, I've spent so much time looking for one, in fact more time than what it's worth. I've emailed to a lot of people and even those who have them and they don't reply back in regards if they want to sell it. I just did the next best thing until I can get a new one and I'm happy with what the result was. Finding parts is not easy and very time consuming, unfortunately time is not on my side. I do need help finding a couple minor parts such as a chrome allen head center bolt for the front and rear Nippon brake calipers and I'm near completed on my build.
  14. Some of you can think what you want but don't flame me here. So some of you are lucky enough to get a real plate, good for you but it means absolutely nothing to me. There are a lot of people who can't find these plates and you know what, when I come across a nice one you bet I'll buy it for my other RL, but until then this is the best substitute and it's better than a home made routed version. Anyone got one for sale that is mint? Got anything that would be a better second choice? I'd rather have one that looks close to the original and I'm sure most will agree. By the way yes you can tell the difference between the ones I had made for me and the original, even a blind person can tell the difference, but visually and physically a stout plate. I know it is not possible to replicate the original exactly and it was never intended that way, this was made in a unique way were it looks very close but you can tell the difference. For those who can't tell, the logo is flushed, the lower panel is grained, the sticker is not one piece color, the material is not the soft injected plastic. Other than that, it looks fantastic anyway you look at it. This is just a fun project that I'm sharing, there is no need to bring in the sharks, it will stink up the water fast. There are a lot of people that will find nothing wrong on my sharing and there are those who like spoiling the waters for others. If this site is only intended for only oem parts talk then no problem, I won't talk about the plate then. Can't anyone give a new guy a break? Someone got a new plate for sale?
  15. I'm with this guy (hey Mike) Cool build but lets focus on what's important here...the integrity of this hobby, please sacrifice a small amount of detail in order to save yourself as well as others from future deception. This is an on going problem in this hobby and it doesn't go over well on this site that said I look forward to seeing your replica in all it's glory Well, you can always tell the difference between an original plate from a replica assuming you are into Redlines and I have no intentions to deceive anybody as that is not my style and I did mention I'm building one like the ad. I build bikes that satisfies me and not for anyone else. I think it's cool for those who've not seen a bike like that of that era to see what it looks like in person. It's just like building a vintage car and everyone has their intentions that suits them for why they do so. Fun stuff but memorable.