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  1. I'm still in two minds if this BB 'guard' should be utilised, it's kind of cool and whack at the same time......
  2. 85 had straight chain stays so it's '86 or newer -
  3. Sad sad news..... Prince looked awfully thin in this pic (apparently one of the last photos of him) - let's see what the coroner says. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/authorities-release-princes-911-call-as-medical-history-is-revealed/news-story/d92fc581de59cb039d378838b1f736c3
  4. I think that must be close to the cross-over/transition from the MXC-2H to the MXC-20H, that side stamping on your pic is the same as my 2 hole seat, the stamping on my 20 hole must have been later ?????
  5. That's early for the '20 hole' (I thought) cheers JH! I just got home, I'll try and decipher mine now. B
  6. Unlike the Aero with the 'Kashi clock' I have no idea on how to go about dating these (I know the 2 hole is earlier than the 20 hole) from a quick Google search it looks as if it has something to do with 'dots' above the year that is stamped into the bottom of the saddle, mine seem to have 'dots' above every year number - what am I doing wrong? Cheers- B
  7. PJ, Just as I thought, thanks for you response. Onwards and upwards. B
  8. This is tad early for me - I found an old bike in a farm shed in the middle of NSW (about a six hour drive west of Sydney) Before I bin the forks I thought I'd ask the gurus, any ideas? Any/all help is appreciated! Ben
  9. I'm not sold on them, the flavour seems some what diluted to me, each to their own. B
  10. This is the only pic and information I have at the moment - a buddy of mine sent it to me and I will have no further information until later in the week. I have no idea on dimensions etc. From the dodgy photo can you have a punt? Cheers. B
  11. Wicked! - damn I love a 'time capsule'
  12. Any examples Rick? I'm working around 1981/82 so it must flow with those dates, as mentioned above, I may have to go to plan 'B'
  13. Donnie, That would make sense then, that's probably why I'm so confused..... It looks like I'll go to plan 'B'
  14. I should add - I want to run a opc, that may be my problem ???
  15. I might be missing something here, please correct me if am. I purchased an old (ex factory rider Mike Scott/Race Inc) drilled out SR SAKAE chainring with a 122BCD a while back and may utilise it on an upcoming project - but for the life of me I can't find a relevant spider that would pair with the 122 BCD, am I missing something? Any ideas on what I should be looking for? I'm easily confused but this is doing my head in. Cheers in advance. Ben
  16. Cool! Nice wheels, the talent ain't bad either!
  17. Yeah Donnie, Unfortunately the reproduction scene has gained a lot of momentum down here and I honestly can't put my finger on why, it's a real shame as it was not this prevalent a few years back - maybe a changing of the guard. I recently picked up a beautiful original chrome 1982 Kuwahara Cruiser, I purchased it on a whim with one grainy photo, the bike was located 300 odd kilometres from Sydney in a slow rural town, it was the sellers original bike and he was so pleased/proud to show me the 'new' parts he had acquired for it from the internet - I shook my head as I drive away, the whole experience didn't feel right. I think corners are cut, players don't seem to have patience anymore, people want things done yesterday - it's a shame. I play my own game nowadays, I find it hard to contribute on any local sites as I am always biting my tongue. Onwards & Upwards. B
  18. The mighty dollar - I can see no other reason.
  19. I hear you Rick, this has a 4" head tube (with a 5" GT protruding from the top......) I'm sure someone will shed some light on it. B
  20. I still get confused with Tange built frames, this is an '82 model, what are your thoughts Cycle Pro? Kuwahara? Or something else? It's wearing later GT forks, the wheelset has (85) dated Suzue hubs built to what looks like a generic 7X copy - apparently the previous owner has had the wheelset from new, I had no idea 'generic' hoops would have been available in the early/mid eighties....weird! Anyone tell me your thoughts? Kuwie?
  21. Couldn't agree more Steve, I understand it is an emotional subject for a lot of people but we all must simply bite our tongues and move on.... "Never wrestle with a pig, you'll both get dirty and the pig will enjoy it"