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  1. It was already kind of fucked but now it's really fucked. Ruined forever.
  2. NOS UGP Kingpin from about 1993.
  3. Something does not jive with this death. I have a feeling that when all the facts come out, there will be some revelations. Doesn't really matter. RIP, Miracle Boy. You will be missed.
  4. I seem to remember Johnny O'mara wearing some of those JT sneaks. Cool score, Joe!
  5. I remember when Ryan was racing. Wasn't he on FA BITD? Crupi is a cool BMX story. Never made a bad part in my opinion.
  6. This trend is one that I have never understood. To me, front suspension seems to be completely illogical for BMX. How did this get started and what was the skinny? Why?
  7. Those are road cranks. Not track. Medium-high quality Italian obscura. Not comparable to Campy IMHO. Never saw them on a BMX bike.
  8. Great stuff! I had Hi E hubs on my Gianni Motta road race bike. They were supposedly the lightest at the time.
  9. So, both Patterson Brothers, John Crews and Rick Palmer all rode Pro for Patty post late '83? Someone out there needs to update their info because that goes directly against what I have found so far. Certainly not saying anyone is wrong but this stuff would all be right there in BMXA or even BMX Plus issues of the time frame.
  10. I checked that photo and he is ID'd in the caption. Does look like him. I'm gonna go pour through some pre November '84 issues of BMXA. I must admit that I may have missed Crews' return to Patterson. Everything I have read states that they whittled the team down, after Richie left. Basically just Brent & Brian. Maybe that was later and perhaps they took on JC because they knew him and he needed a ride. Who knows? Looking forward to Darren's response.
  11. Boom! PM Darren for the straight dope! I know Darren's stuff is legit. Just wondering who the rider was. Did Crews go back to Patty? I can't find anything about it. Seems like Patty downsized to just Brian & Brent as their pros as they faded out. This mystery is a cool one.
  12. Also, just FYI, Crews only rode for Patty until 1980 before he went to Redline. He never rode a PR200 or PR240 unless it was as a privateer at the end of his racing career.
  13. After magnifying the pic, it looks like Crews' fork is probably nickle. The down tube is rather dark looking and could be black but if you look closely at Crew's left crank arm, the chainstay right next to the crankarm is very reflective. Unless this was a very glossy black paint job, I'm gonna say too much reflection for paint so I think the frame is nickle plated also and that the downtube is not reflecting much at that angle. Since the Sentry was only available in nickle, this only makes sense. I don't think Patty Factory guys rode anything but nickle in races up until the last few batches of Long's came out with the modern font decals at the end of '82 or so. Those were the first chrome ones, IIRC. Brian later showed up with that yellow PR200 at the very end of Patty's existence and it seems like I saw a white one or two after that. The only other example of a painted Patty I have ever seen for sure(besides all the ruined ones) was the yellow Patty Long that Brent posed with in a Moto-X Fox ad before the PR200 came out. Either way, since the Sentry came out in the late 70s and pr200's frame was made in '83 and is at least two generations ahead, painting his PR200 black because a Sentry MIGHT have been painted black is probably the wrong way to go if trying to keep things authentic. In my book, you have only two color choices for a PR200 if you are gonna paint it. Patty Yellow or white and I am really not even sure about white, TBH.