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  1. I appreciate and understand what you guys are saying. The pictures show the condition exactly as I picked it up from the seller. I think I can get most of the grime and rust off without too much effort. Thank you all for your comments and interest in my bike.
  2. I was planning on repainting and cleaning up the chrome, as well as putting on new decals.
  3. I picked up this bike off CL last week. It has all the original parts, including tires. I am looking at beginning restoration as soon as I have time. If anyone has any tips on restoring the plastic parts please let me know. The front fender is a tiny bit brittle but the rest just need to be brightened up. The chrome has some surface rust that I think I can remove easily. I am also looking for NOS or repop decals, as all on them are in pretty bad shape.
  4. I just picked one up. it is all original, but needs restoration. I am looking at restoring it if I can find some decals for it.