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  1. Thanks TO, how about "lightly used" Tourney cranks, does that suit you better Bro? Sorry if I struck a nerve by miss using the acronym NOS out of context. Thanks guy's... Sod, it was great to see you at the last GT show, glad you are doing well and Jason, great to hear from you, hope all is well... miss you and all the OG Homies aka "Darksiders". Have a great day folks!
  2. Well I had the opportunity to buy a 1982' JMC Cruiser frame and bladed fork so I pulled the trigger. Built it up with mostly parts I have been hoarding over the years... just need a legit seat post and plan on swapping the cranks to a set of Redline 401's I have but just need a bottom bracket... until then the almost NOS Tourney cranks will work.... hope you guys like it.
  3. Still don't understand why the pictures come out upside down? Steve can you fix this so we don't have to stand on our heads to enjoy the pics? Or what can I do to fix this. Thanks.
  4. So I just got off the phone with Billy Weeks, he confirmed that this N84 JMC Micro Mini is NOT the prototype BUT it is the second one and a 1 off custom JMC Micro Mini that was built by his dad and Norm from Norms bike shop in Baldwin Park Cali. For the sole purpose of being the lightest raceable bike in the world at the time. The integrated seat post clamp was left off and an aircraft grade hole clamp was used instead all the components on this bike have been machined down to be as light as possible. From the hollowed out bolts in the goose neck to the freewheel that has every other tooth removed. Machined out shimano 600 cranks, Hutch magnesium 36 hole hubs lace to 24 spoke Fiamme rims. Billy confirmed he raced both N84 Micro minis but raced this one more. Please enjoy the pictures. Now for the real question... do we clean off the surface rust and grime from the past 30 years to help preserve the bike for many more years to come or just leave it as is with its crusty old flat tires? I love it the way it is but would love to hear the thoughts of all of you.
  5. Couple more. I just love how this site chooses my picture orientation... Ya never know what you're gonna get... Unreal!
  6. Hey Tony, hope you've been good bro. Post up some pics of your JMC's... Love to see them!
  7. Don't know why my pictures always come out sideways and upside down.... Only on this site!!!
  8. Just picked up some finishing touches for my 79' JMC standard long euro bottoms bracket. It now sports some araya 7c's with a fat/skinny set of red wall comp II's, tuff neck , Race Inc VBars and a kashimax seat. The frame was re-powdered when I got it. I threw on OG used parts... Partly because I didn't want to have to mortgage my house to get NOS parts... Haha. I've been out of the scene for a while. I've owned many JMC's but this is my first candy red one, my first memory as a kid of ever seeing a JMC bike was at Covina Valley Schwinn back in the late 70's... They had them all lined up and the candy red one jumped out at me. Believe it or not, according to the birth certificate from Jim, this candy red bike was actually first sold to Covina Valley Schwinn back in 79'...Go figure... Enjoy peeps!
  9. Standard Short vs. Standard Long Wow... This pic thing is crazy... Upside down... You'd think I took the pics in Australia or something??
  10. Here's a quick update shot of the bike. I changed the grips, seat, post, tires and brake lever... She's done... Unless you guys see any room for improvement..?