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  1. Yes, they were that price. I'm a Swiss (Germany is a bordering country of Switzerland) and here, they were that price too for a Laserlite. BMX and BMX parts from Japan and USA were very expensive for us, due to the import taxes, shipping costs, exotic value, etc... Even if we worked alot as a kid, we couldn't afford a bike like this. In the early 80', you had to pay 2.5 swiss francs to obtain 1 usd. The avarage salary was on the 2'000-2'200 swiss francs (800-1'000 usd) for a month. Other than if you came of a wealthy family, it was impossible to buy such a bike as a Laserlite. We bougth spanish, french, italian or BMX from Taïwan or low or mid level BMX from the prestigious makes in the beginning, than in the mid-late 80', the US/Japan bikes came more affordable for us.
  2. Here are mine on my 1985 Asco Proline
  3. They are french Simplex mags, like the black ones on a photo above.
  4. Hello ! Yes, the Mavic TTM4 rims came in 1983 and equiped Motobecane BMX (MBK) and Vitus. The TTM4 were silver and the TTM4CD were the same, but with a black-grey hard anodized finish. They were solid rims. They came at complete wheels too, with sealed Mavic Hubs. I've 2 pairs of the TTM4CD rims and 2 pairs of Mavic hubs. They were fine and solid rims because they came with double wall.