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  1. A lot of "wants". I am sure Todd will balance out everything the best he can. Thanks for posting this thread and listening to us.
  2. Olive green or brown paint would be cool with baby blue stickers would be cool......
  3. Would like to see a 2009 Quadangle Pro done with the double downtubes like on the old style Quadangle. Keep everything in the rear triangle the same as the 2009, just put in double downtubes, and top tube that actually goes to the bottom of the head tube. All Cromoly frame and beefy Landing Gear forks..... Colors - old school white with baby blue, Baby blue with black.... Camo with baby blue pad sets.
  4. I love it..... wow my kind of stuff right there!
  5. I dunno about that - Rick seems to be doing very well with Standard.
  6. I bent a Redline Proline..... the back triangle tweaked to the left. I was learning to ride ramps at the time, but still.
  7. Well in all my years I never seen anything like that, and I have seen some pretty radical jumps. Only forks I have seen get tweaked or bent were cheapies, but never Landing Gear.
  8. Wonder what era those forks are from.... wow where did you find those?
  9. Looks great man! I used to ride Skyway tuffs, but I think they are too heavy. I'm riding spokes these days.
  10. I aint the pot calling anyone black. Pisses me off they all keep going overseas. I figured Sunday! bikes to possibly be another rider owned company made here in the USA.
  11. Macneil bikes are good too and they are fabbed in Taiwan.....
  12. Nice bikes and designs..... Where are they made?