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  1. "I'd build a bike around that pad." A wise man one said. So I did.. Thanks to Dan for the pad, the Preston Petty plate and the rear wheel (which is there for now.) Ernest for the bars and Paul at Classic Cycle in Bainbridge for the base bike.. According to the person who had the bike before Classic Cycle, the bike, as it were, was found near the old BUMS track. Additional coolness is the Canoga Cycle Center shop sticker. Not sure who else helped out but thanks.
  2. Done right. Very moto.. People helping out still makes it even cooler.
  3. Just got a message from Elaine Holt of BMX news fame.. thought I share her great pic and message. " I was cleaning out some boxes in my garage today and coincidentally I found this picture of Mike Devitt and Paul Hinkston of Shimano. The back of the photo says, April 1984. I was totally surprised by this photo because I don't remember anything about it!"
  4. Thanks. Much respect for the clean builds but I try to build the gritty stuff like we just raced them and heading back home with a trophy or two.
  5. "Moto 141, 14 novice to the gate. " Thanks to Dan for the frame, Joe Pernice for the fork and John Severin for the cool fork repair. Champion Frame Speedo dual DO fork ACS hub Bendix High flange coaster Mongoose stem Rascal bars Viking 70s plate American Pro grip 7b rims Schwinn headset and seat clamp Carlisle Front tire Cheng Shin rear
  6. There were many people upset at me...:-)
  7. 1. A. Because Corona had a left hand first corner and the different pads made the bike pull to the left. or B. Cause I couldn't find the other matching one. 2. No idea. Jeff would know. 3. No... That's 3 questions...
  8. Is it a joke if you have to explain it? I had a couple of people ask me why Brian Lewis. Jeff had a longstanding battle with Brian at WSA and other places which he speaks off 40 years later so....:-)
  9. I should have said "IF" I got it..:-) I also see Old Logo Cinelli stem. 1st gen Dura Ace front derailleur, possibly a Huret Duopar rear derailleur. Pre CPSC Campagnolo front hub, mid 80s rear Phil and a Unica Cinelli saddle. Also see a 3T bar that somehow was made to fit on the Cinelli stem.