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  1. "GarbageCan Jones." (damn..this was 6 years ago already)
  2. Bump since there's a hell of a birthday party going on in BMX heaven right now.
  3. What took you so long? :-)
  4. With that many K models out there, wouldn't a better description be "Japanese Made TA" rather than prototype? Maybe it's just semantics, but to me, the word prototype implies a small batch of items that were manufactured to be tested out by select riders. Not trying to sound like a dick, it's just that the term gets thrown around quite a bit.
  5. How many K-serial prototypes did they make? I know over the years I've seen a few.
  6. Great info. The knowledge thrown around on this site is still the best.
  7. Happened at the beginning of the year but just heard about it. 80 years old. Awesome person.
  8. Don't know how I got there but I imagine some of you know about it. http://www.bmxsociety.com/best-content/
  9. And also definitely not 1972 but still pretty cool.
  10. Too short. Good talking to you if even for a short while. Speedos are amazingly cool as always and thanks a lot. Going on a great project.