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  1. Didn't you post under a different name years ago?
  2. Early on we experimented with internal geras via a Sturmey Archer hub that was triggered by a brake lever. If adjusted right, it would bypass the middle gear. Canoga kooks started the trend I think.
  3. You got the Haro or the Dirt Slinger from the Finish Line?
  4. Araya Model 17(3). The mini-cycle ones were the model 105 and later called 106 when the BMXers started using them.
  5. Sod is going to love this one. 2 speed kickback https://handsomecycles.com/products/eagle-2-speed-kickback-hub-silver-36h
  6. Maybe bad light on picture Pedal threads good on the drive side? Will weigh crank ASAP too.
  7. I tried finding the weights, but no luck. I'm pretty certain the alloy ones are a bit lighter though. I do know they GS BB was the same weigh until they went to the 5 arm version. I figure Truly can check those. I have a set of alloy ones on a Raleigh competition but would have to remove them and all that.
  8. Campagnolo 3320 Crank Gran Sport crank Sweet! One of my big regrets is selling the one I had when I moved up to WA. They were available for a few years and came on early mid level bikes such Atala and the ones on my 74 Mirella. You can see these in the 71 catalog, was supposedly replaced by the 3 pin alloy version later but still show in the 75 catalog. They were both replaced by the Campagnolo Gran Sport 5 arm crank the E.K. ran on his Torker.
  9. Not sure. It's yuge though. It was handy so I put it on there.
  10. Thanks for the comments. A few other ones coming up. Moto Pro Frame, Fork and rear wheel. Araya second Gen 7b front with 105 spokes Cheng Shin Rear tire. Carlisle Aggressor Front. Tange Headset and BB Takagi crank KKT pedals Addicks spider and sprocket Schwinn seat clamp. Generic steel post. Kashimax saddle Unknown stem and bars Spliced together chain. :-) Viking number plate 1 First gen Oury and 1 Mach grip