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  1. Legitimate questions and appreciated.  Wheel is centered though it does look off by a lot in the picture. Don't know why.

    The other details deal with the way I try to build a bike to reflect what I actually did on that specific time frame. It changes as the bike time line progresses. 

    Rear tire. The ads of the day ( trying to find a pic of it) showed the tire as designed as a rear, therefore no side knobs. It did quickly become a the front tire to have as the transition to 1.75 tires rear tire happened.  I always liked the moto look of tire so if I build a bike as a 75, I just put it on the rear. 

    Zip ties: I know it looks cleaner if they are clipped, but again, a mid 70s thing as I never clipped back in the day and most of the bikes I built from that time frame usually are long. The later bikes do have them clipped.

    The link: just messing with you Mike Hey. But again, like the rear tire,, a moto reference of the day. Totally dug John's details.

    There's other unseen details that are cool to me such as running uncaged bearings on the coaster and trying to find the "right" inner tubes that would have been American made. One of the tubes had a massive blowout way back when and it has a huge patch on it.

    And lastly,  I have the satisfaction that I'll never be as old as Spike or Sod. :-)

  2. Thanks guys..

    To answer the question,, Monark was a Ballon tire manufacturer famous for the Silver King model.

    These came from cranks  came from Joe Pernice. My connection to that crank is that in the stone-age, I could not afford a set of 7" Ashtabulas so Tom DeRosier of Tom's Bikes Shop gave me a set he had on his used parts bin. 

    They were pretty soft and lasted until I had enough money for the Ashtabula:-)

    Mr. Hey, the reason for the colored Clip on the master link is that Malcolm Smith and other ISDT (and some MX) racerss of the days would paint theirs on their MX chains so they could locate the master link quicker.  

    Useless trivia for $100 Alex. 

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  3. Time to start putting some new builds out there. Been awhile.
    First (well sort of first as I pictured the 1st gen Webco Mono) a little AA trickness. (frame on loan from Mike)
    AA Frame
    Simi Mags
    Ashtabula stem and fork.
    Schwinn headset, post and seat clamp and sprocket.
    Windsor seat.
    Aggressor rear/Schwinn Scrambler front.
    Wald Bars.
    KKT Pedals
    American Pro Grips.
    Monark Crank. 
    Rad Pad/generic pad combo.
    Regina Oro track chain.
    Schwinn US made tubes.
    Modern air. 
    (The usual moto suspects will spot something and point it out) :-)20210407_134344.jpg20210407_134230.jpg20210407_134336.jpg20210407_134238.jpg20210407_134312.jpg20210407_134328.jpg

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  4. First off, a HUGE thanks to Steve Bourke for helping me get it.

    Not sure how I'm going to do this bike as the original owner said he spray painted it and I do have a set of genuine Webco decals I've been saving forever.

    First gen Webco mono

    Ashtabula fork

    Schwinn/wald headset

    Takagi MX cranks

    Simi Motomags

    A&A or AAA bars

    Gummy bear Oakley Is

    Unknown stem (but looks familiar)

    Cheng Shin Tires

    Parsons seat

    KKT pedals

    Cheng Shin Tires. 

    Unknown but moto front sprocket

    (Thinking of You Rick Twomey)








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  5. Just found out that my bmx brother Brett Kimble aka 3d Gear aka 3d beer has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

    I'm not currently on FB but according to Tom Sustarich,  there is some type of fund raiser for him on the "bro" page.

    Please keep him in your thoughts, vibes or prayers or what you feel about those things. 

    He's a good cat, a brawler that will somehow come on top. 

    Love you Brett. Make plans to hit the next Undertones gig with me. 



  6. Wow!! Small world.  I knew that was you and Dave.  Wasn't 100 percent sure on Terry but the info on Elaine Mariolle blew me away!  I was friends with Scott Terriberry (who is good friends with Jim Langley)  and met her through him.  In fact, I was working my way into being crew for either Scott or her in the RAAM in 84 or 85. Not sure what happened but I know that I joined the Air Force instead and that was the end of that.