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  1. Have: Reilley - Chrome GT Frame and Fork, blue Tange headset clamp (if needed) Redline Flight crank decals Snorton - OS- Stem, OS- Seatclamp, OS- Sprocket Willinois - Redline Flight crank arms, Headset Georg - Wheels, Tires, Brake, GT Cruiser bars, Freewheel, brake lever Cruiser King - Tubes, Plate & Leather Tassles (Leather fringe bar end streamers), & Brake housing. BMX2112 - Seat Post Graeme - Seat (BLACK) 3rd Gear - Air, zip ties Panda - Chain (blue), OS pads (Chrome) Larry S-Gt decals (ones appropriate for 84) Need: Redline BB Pedals Grips (I SAY WE FIND HARLEY-LIKE GRIPS!) ABA Montana district decal #1 number Haven't heard from Oz, but I'm sure he'll be stoked as much for him as for Q
  2. We need a plate so we can put an OS-BMX decal on along with "Suzy Q" on it. As soon as Oz gets back to me, I'll send people donating stuff my address. Georg, what colors are the rims? Oh..i forgot, we need a chain and again some GT decals
  3. Just so you guys know, the frame is nice, no rewelds or nothing but the usual drop-out things and a couple of small dings. If anyone has a better newer frame let Bret know. We'll also need some GT decals if anyone has a set. Cool project, good idea Bret Rick g
  4. So far we have: 1984 Chrome GT. Frame and unknown year NOS GT fork Flight cranks and sprocket Headset Need: Tires, tubes rims, hubs, spokes, colored alloy nipples Stem, grips handlebars Brake lever, brake caliper Pedals freewheel and chain seat, seatclamp and seatpost GT pads Number plate streamers.. Let me know here or at Reilley1@sbcglobal.net
  5. Nice meeting ya willinois. It was cool connecting a face to a bike...
  6. Can't wait to see what other pictures/stuff comes from the OM
  7. Huh..what..Free beer?!?!?!? Somebody give me directions!!!!
  8. Ok...I wonder how many bikes I can stick in my Cavalier this time.....
  9. Way to go Dave After spending most of this year putting together a few bikes of my past and reading about BMX history. I have decided to race again. This will be my 4th decade racing little kids bikes and I cannot wait.
  10. The combination of watching a national after so many years, seeing all the cool bikes at OS show and watching Stew race again has impressed me enough that I have decided to start racing again. I have started to put a bike together and will get a license soon. SOOO..all you 41-45 cruiser racers mover over!!! Maybe I should say, move up one, my legendary last place finishes have returned.
  11. Mux's BMXA postings is also a large reason why Oz came over too!
  12. I agree with Adam on the mud thingie. No offense intended towards the pristine guys but when I was asked how I could drag my bikes through the stuff, I couldn't help but reply "Dude, some of these bikes have raced down Corona, Rancho etc in the mud, I don't think it will hurt them" Mux, I wish I had known, I wanted to scream into the big mud puddle behind Sod's tent so bad on the hack. I thought I was the only one. Looking forward to Elysian and also to Rockford. We gotta share the love.
  13. I need to add to this post, I started, had to go do something and forgot to edit it: Snort: Great event, had a lot of fun and hope to be back at next year's event Mux: Thanks for the lever, It was a highly appreciated gesture of goodwill amongst the tribe. WFO: I appreciated your help and the bike stands. It was cool to connect a face with the name and although we had met over the years at the races, this is probably the first time we had a conversation that lasted longer than 20 seconds Gonz: You are a cool cat, my job entails doing quick evaluations of people and my read of you was nothing but good Karma 26 Incher: The shirt you were wearing said it all partner Mr and Mrs Sod: Class act and a great couple PK, Stew, Harry, and Toby: What else can I add to the other words that have been extended already. You guys were a class act 30 years ago and that has not stopped. Motomags, Brett: We had met already, so ya know that I think you are cool cats. Adam, Dirty, Schwinn Dog and others I met: Good conversations, good bikes and good times. You OS guys seem a pretty tight knit group. I came as an outsider, but most of you embraced me like true BMX brothers. As soon as I rolled up on my Sting-ray and sidehack, I knew that you cats had the same affliction and love for something that we shared 10-20 and even 30 years ago. Again, thanks for everything
  14. One of the things that caught my eye at Del Mar (other than the bikes) was the support Sod received from his wife. I was amazed at seeing this. To all wives/girlfriends who understand/tolerate their mate's affliction with little kid's bikes, I salute you
  15. Hmm..must be a secret code only known by certain people...
  16. Dude, it was a love-fest, no drama. If anyone had any personal differences, they were smart enough to put them aside. The only drama I saw was 3d gear mumbling about his favorite soap opera after he passed out; something about the "Young and the Brettless"
  17. All I can say is thanks to everyone. You made this old BMXer feel like he was 13 years old again.
  18. PK, you deserved the damn thing, maybe next year you'll get one of your own. The first thing I heard Conrad say was "It's mine" A quick story for the OS-Boys. I was in O-side on my way to Del Mar with my sidehack on top of the car. Some dude in a truck started screaming "Yeah!!" on the opposite lane. I knew it was either a deranged nutcase or an old BMXer screaming at me. I was right on both counts... It was cool seeing you, Toby, Leary and Stu in one place. You had 30-40 year old men about to pee their pants and squirming like little girls at a Britney Spears concert (or in our case like old women at a Barry Manilow performance) Take Care Perry Rick
  19. Those are way cool cats. These little kids bikes that we are so in love with makes us forget how old we really are, there was some cat that sitting next to me who reminded me of my high school metal shop teacher. Then someone mentioned that Henderson was there. I hadn't talked to Toby in almost 20 years, then I realized he was sitting next to me..Felt like a freaking moron.
  20. Hold on...first look at the markings on the back. If it's pre-78 then you might think about getting a little shorter spindle for better chainline. In my book, you should put a Campy, O.M.A.S or other high quality BB witha track spindle
  21. We used to have a contest who could make it to the bottom of the hill. Never made it..... 1972 I think My Yamaha Moto Bike (Stolen about two weeks later) 73 or 74 Wilson Jr High Track 1975. Yeah..the good old days.....
  22. This is my first post to OS-BMX so excuse my ignorance if it comes out wrong. Here is my contribution. I tried to make it as close as possible as the one in an old 1976 Ad. All I need is a three Arrows chainwheel and then it would be all set. The ad: My Version of it.
  23. Here is my PL. No serial number. Probably an early one