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  1. Hmm..good info. What's your relationship to Dave. Great racer.
  2. Thanks John. I was just asked for the serial. Didn't realize until now that it doesn't have one. At least I couldn't find it.
  3. https://ktvl.com/news/news-10-first-alert-fire/sidecar-motocross-champion-opens-up-about-loosing-home-in-obenchain-fire
  4. I recently paid a quick visit to Hall of Famer and all around insane BMXer/Sidehack/skateboard cat John Palfreyman and Mr. Thom Lund in Eagle Point WA. As most of you know, JP lost his house and everything else he had due to the insane fires that hit the area. Since I know it's hard to get in touch with him and do a personal donation, Mark Kiel has set-up a Gofund me page. https://www.gofundme.com/f/s-obenchain-fire-relief-fund-for-johnny-palfreyman Every little bit helps. Our BMX brother could use it. Thanks.
  5. Not sure as I'm taking a long break from FB. A friend forwarded me the pics so I was curious if anyone had additional info.
  6. Does anyone know who did this?
  7. Two giants of bmx. Just honored to be listening and listening to them talk is amazing. Wish I had some a recorder but for now, a few pics. Just thought i share. Oh, Elaine Holt of Bmx News and Mr. Mel Stoutsenberger. H
  8. Hard to see so many people I know go through that hell. Glad you are safe.
  9. Perfect The first "true" BMX 3 piece crankset adds to the bike.
  10. Picked these up today. Don't know much about this era so... Dyno slammer with gt stamped profiles, GT tires and an integrated seat clamp. Kinda cool I think. GT vertigo, just know it's US made with. GT us made pro series with coolTioga pedals, Couldn't pass them up and for some reason, I like the Dyno.:-) Will try to get better pics
  11. Bumping old thread because I recently someone stating that the Pattersons said Speedo never made any bars (which I'm pretty certain they did.)
  12. I saw the "score" tag, saw that it came from someone who had passed and I cringed a bit as I figured someone more vocal than me would call Jon out. I was fairly certain it would be Heys... I like you Jon but I think the "A east coast collector passed away and his family was selling the collection off" left more than one person with a sour taste in their mouth that has nothing to do with grapes. And to me, it has nothing to do with whatever price you paid. By the same token, bringing family into an argument, regardless of how pissed off you are is messed up too. And you know I luvs ya Brian. And Greg, sorry about your friend. I know the feeling when a good friend passes.
  13. I was never a big fan of Freestyle, respected the skills but wasn't for me EXCEPT, that I almost bought an orange FS Reynolds Quad when I bought my blue Reynolds race frame. Don't remember if it was Scot on the phone but I know I was offered a great price. Regretted ever since. I thought it was the coolest FS frame I had ever seen. Nice score. Sad about any BMXer passing though.
  14. "I'd build a bike around that pad." A wise man one said. So I did.. Thanks to Dan for the pad, the Preston Petty plate and the rear wheel (which is there for now.) Ernest for the bars and Paul at Classic Cycle in Bainbridge for the base bike.. According to the person who had the bike before Classic Cycle, the bike, as it were, was found near the old BUMS track. Additional coolness is the Canoga Cycle Center shop sticker. Not sure who else helped out but thanks.
  15. Done right. Very moto.. People helping out still makes it even cooler.